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Revenue report

Status: Heard this before
by aliribelli on ‎09-27-2012 11:20

When publishing a book, I work together with illustrators and designers to make that book as appealing as it can possibly be. Now, these collaborators work for a share of the revenue. My question is the following:


how can I provide my collaborators with a proper e-report of revenues?


I suggest a .pdf e-report downloadable directly from the "My Revenue" page. That way, it would be easy to download the report and send it to collaborators via e-mail.


Please Lulu, advice on the matter.

Status: Heard this before
Hello aliribelli - Thank you for taking the time to submit your recommendation. We are in the process of developing a feature to allow users, such as yourself, to export revenue information into an Excel spreadsheet, which in turn can be sorted and manipulated as necessary to display the information you wish to expose to your collaborators. Stay tuned...
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Here is my suggestion, and I would love to hear what others think. What if Lulu made our revenue available immediately as credit for purchasing books, etc? This would make it immediately available for that use. Regular revenue payment could remain as it is, so you could either wait for you revenue payment, use the money to purchase books, or a combination of the two! thoughts?

Status: Heard this before
Hello Noreenbraman - thank you for taking the time to submit your recommendation. While it sounds relatively simple to implement, there are some behind-the-scenes issues that prevent us from allowing users to immediately access and spend revenue. The revenue displayed in your account is an estimated amount based on current exchange rates and reported sales. Also, if sales are made on other retail sites, we often receive the actual funds from that sale months after the sale is recorded. Other considerations include how to handle returned product credits or purchases declined by a credit card company due to insufficient funds or fraud? Perhaps, in the future we could create an online piggy bank to which authors could divert funds once they have been confirmed - allowing them to then use those funds to purchase other authors' works or professional services. Thank you again for making this recommendation.

I'd be happy to have the option for lulu to keep my revenue as credit toward buying more of my own titles, instead of the revenue automatically going to paypal.  Paypal takes a cut, which is fine, but if I can just keep the revenue at lulu then (a) I can apply it all where I want it to go anyway and (b) lulu gets that small, small amount of interest in keeping my money.

Otherwise - this very long time customer remains more than satisfied.

- Trevor

Status: Considering
Thanks Trevor, this is a really great idea! This is something we'll definitely look into building next year.
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Hello everyone,

I just got my book Horizon - the dividing line published as an E-book and a paperback version. I have a lot of friends asking from where they can buy it. I hope to tell them the lulu project address but what I want to know is that if it is possible to get my revenue at moneybookers account instead of paypal.

I really encourage you to visit my spotlight at lulu, I guaranty you'll find interesting things. Especially for people who have a taste for novels like vampire diary, twilight kind. Ya its cheap publicity....

Thanks any way...!


Status: Filed
Hi Kittynaz, thank you for your suggestion. We may look into a better international option in the future, though we're not familiar with Moneybookers. Best of luck and thanks for using Lulu!
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Better revenue Reports

Status: Considering
by ‎03-03-2011 03:35 - edited ‎03-03-2011 03:37

I find the current revenue report system to be very unwieldy and difficult to use. A fast improvement could be made by allowing  a download of the reports as a .CSV file for importing to a spreadsheet, but in addition to that, I would like to see the whole way that revenue is reported to be re-looked at. 

Part of my problem is that I use the split revenue option a LOT, and it's very difficult to figure out exactly what's going on with revenue payments .

Status: Considering
Hi there, thank you for your suggestion. This is certainly a good idea, and one we'll consider for the future. Thanks for using Lulu!

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