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Review print-ready has no "Back" option

Status: Filed
by KS-sf on ‎06-04-2013 06:05

I am new at Lulu, though have some previous publishing experience. 

The process of turning uploaded interior and cover files into print-ready seems to have a big flaw: I can easily get the print-readies on screen, but there is no button for 'Return to Projects' or anything like it.  I tried to use Back, but the page had expired unless I clicked it about five times.  Am I missing something?  If not, I'd suggest you add a button for this.

And a question.  I used the Lulu template for the cover, and stayed out of the orange 'trim' area.  The cover layout (new version, it says) shows a crop line that gives me the full-bleed effect I want, but the print-ready preview shows white space all around three sides of the front and back images.  Which do I rely on?  I want the image to go right to the edge on all sides, and allowed enough for a little trimming, per the template.


Status: Filed
Hello KS-sf - Thank you for your recommendation. You are correct that there is a usability issue with the view print ready file option. I will pass this along to our product manager for inclusion in a future release. As to your cover image, the image should be slightly larger than the cover, i.e. should cover the orange trim area completely. This allows for any slight variations in trim.

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