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How do I order a print edition???

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by OldEagle on ‎12-08-2011 06:15

I'm trying to help this 89 year old author who cannot find the print editions of his books to buy. Everything's ebook or pdf and he needs paper editions to sell or give to people for Christmas.

On his storefront there are no print editions. In his project list there are little boxes that say, "associated print edition" but that only gives a page to revise...which only offers ebooks or pdfs. I cannot find a print version of the books he wants...unless I go start a whole new book???

Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction? I want to get him these books asap. At his age I can understand his "I want it NOW" attitude.

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OldEagle, I believe Kevin pointed you in the right direction with his link. If you have any more questions, feel free to open a discussion thread or to contact help & support. Thanks for using Lulu!
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Before all our PDFs got converted to PDF e-books, the pages for each book had a button to click that said "Also available as a File Download", and the pages for each PDF had a button that said "Also available as a book."

Now, on the new pages listing our e-books, there is no link allowing customers to have the option of buying the printed books.

I know, I know. . . print on paper is like soooo totally, like, yesterday, duuude. But my customers -- the ones that aren't repelled by this Geocities-circa-1998 "Author Spotlight" thing -- actually like buying printed books, and I want them to have every available option to find them.

Is there any way this can be added? Or is Lulu determined to go the way of Facebook and periodically screw the people who provide the content that makes it worthwhile in the first place?

Status: Heard this before
thetroth, thanks for your note. Linking eBooks with paperbacks and hardcovers is a request we've gotten from many other authors and we're considering it for the future. Thanks for using Lulu!

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