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Individual Book Pricing

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by Jeffryes on ‎02-19-2013 12:39

A while ago I publshed a book on LULU.COM.  The book is 4X6 inches and 100 pages.  Now, to keep the pricing as low as possible I charged $1.00 royalty or less.  The indivdual price that LULU put on the book is $18.26.  The book is not going to sell based on the price.  If LULU can, the price should come down to about $3.00.

Status: Filed
Hello Jeffryes - I had a look at your project list and only saw eBooks listed. But it sounds as if you may have chosen full color for this book rather than black and white printing. Please keep in mind that if even one page is printed in color, the entire book will be priced as if every page were in color. Have a look at your project selections and please post again in the Print Book forum. We will do our best to provide you with the best advice there.

Hello, just wondering if you can add a "color printing priced per page" option so that we can pay only for the page(s) we use in color. The publications I create don't use many pages with color ink, the majority is printed letters in black/white. It would be very convenient and cost effective for creators to have this option, because it is very expensive unless we use color on every page. For certain projects I prefer very few pages in color. Thanks!



Status: Filed
Hi Michael, thanks for the suggestion. It's a great idea, but unfortunately, its just not possible from our printers. Thanks for using Lulu!

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