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New Idea

I just tried LuLu to see how good it was as a print on-demand service. My first copy arrived. The paper was a good weight, smooth and packed tight in the gutter. Aside from an inconsistency in alignment between facing pages by 1/8" (quite unacceptable in this digital age), it was an acceptable job. I made two minor revisions and ordered a reprint. What came back was a monster.

The entire cover was printed 1/4" towards the top; there was a ghost bar code on one corner, which was not on the artwork; the 6x9 trim was delivered as a 5.8 x 8.75; the paper was rough, poor, and darker than before, did not sit as tightly bound and already looked as though it had been read. It got worse. The interior pdf had been shifted upwards by as much as 1/4", meaning the headers were trimmed out altogether. Again, the left pages were 1/8" out of alignment with the right pages, and while the right pages were at least centered on the page, the left pages were shifted so far that some of the text and images were actually trimmed off.

In this day and age of computer precision, this is unacceptable. In fact, such work is deplorable.

The beauty of LuLu is that it allows self published authors a quality voice, but for this service to survive it has to maintain consistency of product. What would have happened had I ordered a trial copy, found it to be satisfactory, then ordered several hundred copies only to discover they bore no resemblance to what LuLu sold me in the first place? And it's not just the waste of money and the inconvenience of dealing with such incompetence and poor standards, it is the sheer waste of time.

For all the great ideas logged here, they will be of little worth if LuLu is not built on a better foundation.

Status: Filed
Hi there, we're really sorry your books didn't come out as expected. As Kevin said, these issues are very rare, but mistakes do happen. Did you contact our help & support department? Send them a photo of the book, and they'll gladly reorder a brand new copy which should look beautiful - - Thanks for using Lulu!

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