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Option to plant trees

Status: Filed
by morage on ‎08-21-2012 07:05

I have recently published my children's book about an ancient old tree (Old Knobbley the oak tree). I felt a bit odd about a book about a tree being on paper (cutting down trees etc) and I wasn't sure about  whether LULU printers use FSC paper in the UK. Anyway to skip to the point. I decided to go with 's idea of "Buy 2 get 1 tree" - so for every second book sold I will donate some money to WeForest - possibly a bit over the top as it's a very short book Smiley Happy

At this point I should say that I volunteer for WeForest ( I wondered whether other LULU authors might want to plant trees for certain numbers of their books sold and if yes, whether it's something that could be built into the LULU publishing options?

Status: Filed

Hi Morage - thank you for taking the time to post your suggestion. It is possible to split your revenue with charitable organizations (with a little help from our Support Team). Although print on demand publishing is much easier on the environment than printing 1000's of books at once, they may or may not sell, you should also mention your intent in your book's description or in your Author's Thank You Letter. I will pass along your suggestion to our social media manager. She may also post your suggestion on our Facebook page. Just so you know we think the same way as you, as part of our 2012 Earth Day celebration, we sponsored a contest that resulted in a small forest being planted in honor of our Lulu authors.


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