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It's good to hear that Lulu is evaluating the Studio suite! While you're at it, here's another suggestion:

Make it more obvious what steps need to be taken to change the "My Photo Book" line on the title page. This page is not clickable to edit in the Studio suite like all the other pages. I found out by trial and error that the title page is actually showing your project title, so to get it to say something else instead of "My Photo Book," you need to edit and save the project title and author information.

So it is possible to change it, but I could not find any knowledge base article detailing this. While I found this question had been asked in the forums before, I couldn't find any usable answers with "how to" instructions in regards to photo books, e.g.

I also found this review about Lulu's photo books that is mentioning the same issue:

"The title page inside says “My Photo Book”.  I tried to change that when I was designing the book, but I couldn’t get it to let me edit the text.  This may have been just a mistake on my part.  However, I don’t like this title page.  If it can be edited, the wizard should make it more obvious how to do it.  If it can’t be edited, I’d rather just have a blank page there."

I agree with the reviewer that it shoud be more obvious how to change that title page as it seems to be a stumbling block for a number of users.


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