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New Idea
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colors used for cover and marketing items

Status: New Idea!
by noBS on ‎03-13-2014 01:42

As I have had issues getting the color I had in mind to end up on my final products, I propose this: akin to the glyph 'book' the designers use when working on the galley, why can't there also be a 'color book' to reduce the guesswork in choosing colors for backgrounds, fonts/verbiage, and on marketing kit items? Assign each shade or hue (there would be a few hundred, no doubt) a number, then the author could cite specifically which color(s) to work with, and thus reduce time and energy the designers expend on the projects. This could also make production quicker, and ease frustrations on the author's end of things.

I have attached issues I am having with the marketing design team trying to match a bookmark to the back cover color. Very frustrating!

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Widgets for blogs and sites

Status: Considering
by bettysbooks on ‎09-25-2013 07:47

I would love a widget to put on my site and blog that would show a slide show of everything in my author page on a rotating basis, allowing my readers to click straight through. Currently I have to either use an Amazon widget, directing profits to Amazon or I have to copy each cover image to my computer, upload it to the blog sidebar, than add the link to that books page in the authors spotlight. Cumbersome and annoying.


A simple widget would increase your profits as well as mine.

Status: Considering
Hello Bettysbooks - thank you for your recommendation. Coincidentally, we are having a brainstorming session on just this topic next week. I will add your suggestion to my already long list of demands.
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I perhaps unlike other authors have many books that are all related as they are supplemental volumes in a Role Playing Game. I also offer these books in print and e-book format. I would like to be able to or have automatically done, my books on my storefront grouped into print and e-book separately. Further I would like to arrange the order they appear in as I would like the Main Rule book and other core books to appear before adventure modules; perhaps group subtitles would really help with related search links on the storefronts home page. It would also be nice to include some HTML ability into a sidebar window where I could feed info, discounts etc, Iframe might be ideal for this purpose limited to 350x350pix no scrolling.

Status: Heard this before
Hi apocalypse, thanks for the suggestions. These changes to Author Spotlight are ones we've heard before and may consider for the future. Thanks for using Lulu!
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Partner with XtraNormal

Status: Filed
by Keith Shovlin on ‎06-11-2011 12:35

I have had a lot of fun working with to make fun cartoon ads promoting my book. I was able to do it easily, choosing avatars for various characters and writing scripts based on their characters. For those writing non-fiction books, they have a number of historical figure avatars and basic business people. I feel like some kind of cross promotion between the two can be a helpful advantage for book marketers. XtraNormal already has full compatibility with YouTube. Chances are that if we are writing books, we can write fun scripts for cartoon ads to promote those books.


Keith Shovlin,

Author, Polk's Soliloquy

Status: Filed

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