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by dahni1atgmaildotcom on ‎12-30-2011 05:44

Dear Lulu, 

Your entire email response is primarily set up for problems and more specifically, specific problems - order, damage, services etc., but no links to just say:


"WOW - OMG just received my order to proof my recently submitted book, and the quality was far beyond what I expected, delivered on time and in excellent condition. I am so soooo excited!!! There is nothing quite like having your own work and words in a hardback book with full glossy dust cover!!!! Go a head a crow all of you at Lulu and pass it on to the printer. THANK YOU! Happy New Liberty!"


Dahni, 1 of WE the People

and author of RESET "An Un-alien's Guide to Resetting Our Republic." - Coming soon everywhere! Smiley Happy


OH and my bright idea - make a contact place just in case someone like me that is too excited for words and has nothing to criticize, condemn or complain about, but just wants to SEND KUDOS & PRAISE!




Status: Filed
D, we're ecstatic that you're so pleased with your book! Best of luck!

Getting to Know Each Other's Work

Status: Filed
by VLHP333 on ‎03-05-2011 11:55

Greetings Lulu writers.

I've just published my third book with Lulu. One of many reasons that I write is because it's getting harder to find contemporary fiction that I enjoy reading. I tend to read, and reread, older novels by writers such as Paule Marshall, Ann Petry, Caryl Phillips, Chester Himes, James Baldwin, Toni Morrison, Nella Larsen, Alberto Vea Jr., Paulo Coelho, Richard Bach, Maryse Conde, Walter Mosley, Langston Hughes, Paul Lawrence Dunbar, Octavia Butler, Edwidge Danticat, and Junot Diaz. I love to read and would like to cultivate a community of "reciprocal" readers within the Lulu community. We have the opportunity to share our tastes in reading and perhaps introduce one another to new genres and themes. I'm a great fan of multicultural literary fiction. How about you?

Here's a list of my own books:

Tanner Blue

Music for the Dream--Seven Short Stories

Painted Deserts (brand new!)

I invite you to visit my storefront on Lulu and also my website ( You are also welcome to contribute to my blog,

See you around.


Status: Filed
Valerie, best of luck with your books!

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