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At a time when a gazillion Americans are out of work, it really is time that every online company have a LIVE person on the end of a REAL PHONE that customers can speak to!

I was trying to reach Lulu to check pricing for a product I am doing for a client and I can't reach anyone which is ridiculous.  When you are working for clients and need EXACT price quotes, 2 to 4 days is not soon enough to hear back.



Status: Heard this before
Hi TGATP - There are several options for contacting our support team, the most common is through the Help button located at the top of each page. We also offer live chat M-W and F from 10-5 EDT. If you are looking for a price quote, there are several print book calculators available to users on the site, which will provide you an estimated quote for production cost based on the size of your book, the selected paper quality, binding, and distribution. Thank you for taking the time to submit this recommendation and for considering Lulu for your publishing needs.

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