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On the online email support form for problems with an order, one of the required fields is "what's the problem" with the choices to pick between item arrived damaged, has a print defect, has not shipped, has not arrived, or unable to download/view ebook contents. However, not all problems fall into those categories. The ones I've had so far were faulty binding on calendars, but I wasn't sure whether that would constitute a "print defect" or "damaged item" since technically it is neither. Others, such as e.g. getting the wrong item (which is one of the things supposed to be reported via this form as well) aren't listed as options either.

I would suggest to add these options (faulty binding, wrong item) and/or have a catch-all "other" category for problems that don't fall into the selections currently available on the form.

Status: Filed
Good Morning AnnKat - thanks for the recommendation. I spoke with the Customer Voice manager and this is something that is definitely on our radar. Until we can devote the required resources to rebuild this page, please select the defect category that most closely matches the issue you are reporting. Our Support team will then triage the issue and direct it into the correct queue for resolution.

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