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Forum readers, Lulu's response to my communication with them, regarding recent changes they made to their website and internal workings, recommended I post my "great suggestion", a.k.a. my letter directly to them, here on this forum as feedback for improvments to Lulu. They say readers who agree with this "great suggestion" can vote on it and make comments about my "proposed solution."

Please do so if you do indeed agree. Thanks!


To whom it may concern at Lulu,

From Lulu in a recent email: "One change includes sending out fewer emails to help reduce some of the clutter in your inbox. As such, we will no longer be sending out daily and/or monthly sales reports."

I'm not pleased with this change. I didn't consider such emails of daily or monthly sales reports to be clutter in my inbox. I really appreciated getting these notices about sales since I don't go to the Lulu website regularly.

I would have liked the change to be an opt-in or opt-out choice rather than Lulu simply deciding for me what Lulu considers to be clutter in my inbox. It is therefore pretty clear to me that it has nothing to do with me or that issue, but rather something that Lulu is trying to de-clutter in its own workings. If so, won't Lulu do their customers the consideration of saying so rather than putting it off on us?

Jennifer Star


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