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Amazon offers an interesting feature in which the EBook version of the book can be offered as a freedownload or a minimal charge download to those who purchase the paperback. It would be great to have something similar here.

Status: Considering
Hello Alphaville - thank you for your recommendation. This is already on our roadmap for future improvements. It is high on the priority list, but I cannot provide a specific date at this time. Stay tuned!
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Why not make a separate hotspot for eBooks and "paper"-books and provide for a crosslink in both hotspots, instead of listing every publication twice in the same hotspot?


Kind regards


Status: Filed
Hi Eddy, I think what you're asking for already exists. If you go to, you'll by default, see our catalog of paperbacks and hardcovers. If you click the selector on the top left nav for "Other Products", you'll see our catalog of eBooks. Is there something else you're looking for?

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