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ISBN and distribution for photo books

Status: New Idea!
by on ‎08-29-2014 10:28

Maybe the Lulu team already knows about this and I'm just late to the party, but I just noticed that one of Lulu's competitors is offering free ISBN and distribution through Amazon for self-published photo books (the premium glossy paper kind) since April this year. I'm wondering if Lulu might be able to do the same.

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Distribution in Sweden

Status: Filed
by Shoresh613 on ‎12-12-2012 08:25
Hi, I'm having trouble distributing my new book, since the use of Ingram isn't widespread at all in Sweden, and the book is for a Swedish audience.

Bokrondellen is the standard in Sweden, it is the service which is used by virtually everyone handling books, which would make the book inaccessible to all but I guess two or three online book stores, if only listed on Ingram.

Using Bokrondellen would make your service much more attractive to people in Sweden, as it would instantly make it accessible to all the book stores and libraries etc. Bokrondellen charges a one time fee of 300 SEK, which is roughly $45, for each item. Bokrondellen would also like it since they would get more books listed, publishers would like it since it would be extremely cheap and easy, and customers would like getting the books. Everybody wins!

They gave me an adress to a person to contact regarding an attempt at making it possible for you to offer the services of Bokrondellen in Sweden: Christer Perslöv ( They accept orders in 2 different XML-formats, one custom and the other a standard format called Editx.
Status: Filed
Hello Shoresh613 - thank you for your recommendation. I will forward your suggestion to the distribution team manager for consideration.
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I would like for Lulu to become Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) compatible. I would like to submit my book to a retailer that will only accept books from distributors that are EDI compatible. Please do this ASAP.


Thank you so much,

Deneene Collins 


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