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Hi Glenn,

Sorry... couldn't figure out how to reply to your response so I opened another post.

As a starting point, let me have one security code that I can change when ever I want like a password.  I would guide a customer to where they can order my books.  When they were done, I would change the password and then do the same thing again for the next customer.  Only those I chose to tell would have the capability of know the password.  In fact, maybe you could have 1 code for the general public and 1 code for only those you chose.  Consider both of these 2 codes like passwords where I can change them at any time.  If you want to start with 1 password, I'm good with that as long as I have control over how I tell and can change it like a password when ever I want.

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Hello Bigzod - I understand your recommendation, but at this time, our system does not allow authors to access and administer the system that generates and tracks the unique coupon codes required for this type of discounting.
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I'm a speaker and I would like to enable my customers to get discounts.  But I would like to specifically choose who gets what discount via different codes and determine how many orders each specific code can be used for before it's no longer valid.

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Hello Bigzod - this is a very popular request, however at this time we do not have the capability of generating so many unique coupon codes. We will continue to explore options. Until then, perhaps you could create multiple versions of your work at different prices, which can then be set to Direct Access status. Only those people you provide the URL to will be able to access and purchase the work.
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Package deal

Status: Heard this before
by apocalypse2500 on ‎12-07-2011 07:11

I write a role playing game in which there are several core rule books, while not all are required to play the game having them all does enhance the game significantly. I would like to offer a discount for the purchase of two or more of my books settable for specific book combinations only, in much the same way as you set individual book discounts now.  This would also automatically create a button on the storefront that shows x number of book covers and has a place for me to add 500 or so words of text explaining the package deal. The ability to move this to a place of prominence in my spotlight would also be necessary along with an option to have it auto expire and disappear from the spotlight when offer ends.

Status: Heard this before
Hi apocalypse, thank you for your suggestion! This is pretty similar to another suggestion that someone else already entered that we're considering: Thanks for using Lulu!

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