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We had our books printed in three different batches, and the hardcovers swam around a lot between batches. The covers were never centered, but wandered from one extreme edge of the safe area to another.

Having such variabilaity in the cover placement makes it difficult to center images and text, vertically and horizontally, and makes it impossible to design any edge effects without the risk of having it look really awful.

Current tolerances allow 1/2 inch of slop on a 10 inch book. Surely Lulu could devise some sort of jig or template that will reduce this to 1/8 inch or less. 

Just improving the standard to try a little harder to center the pages without formally reducing the safe area would improve the perceived quality of the books, especially for those who judge the contents based on their first impressions.

Status: Considering
Hello jtw90210 - Thank you for your recommendation. We are in the process of harmonizing our hard cover production processes to reduce these types of variances.

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