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Increment a currency converter (Incrementação de um conversor monetário)

Status: Filed
by druida18 ‎11-06-2012 08:45 - edited ‎11-06-2012 09:07

Hello Great peace and harmony

Good Friends and Friends


  I have received quite a few emails from people interested not my book, Bad difficulties saber showing them How to make Payment AND EVEN nd currency value of His Parents. (Brazil and Portugal)


Sera possible prices put OS nd currency Parents of the author?

I think it would be great and if possible Haver hum tutorial with Portuguese translation For Fashion How To Make Payment.


brotherly hug


18 druid




Ola muita paz e harmonia

Bons Amigos e Amigas


 Tenho recebido bastantes emails, de pessoas interessadas no meu Livro, mas que mostram dificuldades em saber como fazer o pagamento do mesmo e o valor na moeda de seu País. ( Brasil e Portugal)


Será possivel colocar os preços na moeda do País do autor ?

Penso que seria otimo e se possivel haver um tutorial com tradução para o Português da forma como se fazer o pagamento .


abraço fraterno 


Druida 18



Status: Filed
Hello Druida - thank you for taking the time to submit your recommendation. We currently accept payments in US/Canadian/Australian Dollars, Euros, British Pounds Sterling, and Swiss Francs. PayPal and most major credit cards will automatically convert most currencies, including the Brazilian Real into one of these currencies. At this time, while we do not offer stores or knowledge base articles in Portuguese, we do have a native Portuguese speaker on our support staff.

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