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Upload your own Preview

Status: Heard this before
by myloreyes on ‎07-13-2011 01:30

Sometimes when a user publishes a book, the cover (either front or back) on their product page or in their book preview turns out blurry. The book will print fine, however, it is represented poorly on the website. 

What if the users, given a standard set by Lulu, could upload individual files for the preview/product page?
Users that make their covers usually insert one piece or two images into the cover wizard and it is done. Comes out nice but previews poorly. Since they have submitted their images in one or two pieces, it means that they have it on their computer and possibly the means to upload them (either seperately or together, depnding on how Lulu would do that) to their book preview. 

With users being able to control their book preview, the cover look for their product page and preview page, could be satisfied with their work and not only fix errors Lulu's system might create for them, but they would not be able to blame Lulu for it as they could fix it themselves.

If you were wondering about the users that DID NOT use images/upload their cover in one piece, here is the solution for them. At the end of your book publishing process, you can download your print-ready cover in a PDF format to review it. After they create the cover, they could download it to their computer and upload that file. If the hypothetical Lulu format does not support PDF or one piece images, a simple tutorial can be explained to take a screenshot using (PrntScrn Button) or even how to use a file converter. 


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