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Here is my suggestion, and I would love to hear what others think. What if Lulu made our revenue available immediately as credit for purchasing books, etc? This would make it immediately available for that use. Regular revenue payment could remain as it is, so you could either wait for you revenue payment, use the money to purchase books, or a combination of the two! thoughts?

Status: Heard this before
Hello Noreenbraman - thank you for taking the time to submit your recommendation. While it sounds relatively simple to implement, there are some behind-the-scenes issues that prevent us from allowing users to immediately access and spend revenue. The revenue displayed in your account is an estimated amount based on current exchange rates and reported sales. Also, if sales are made on other retail sites, we often receive the actual funds from that sale months after the sale is recorded. Other considerations include how to handle returned product credits or purchases declined by a credit card company due to insufficient funds or fraud? Perhaps, in the future we could create an online piggy bank to which authors could divert funds once they have been confirmed - allowing them to then use those funds to purchase other authors' works or professional services. Thank you again for making this recommendation.

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