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I am selling my book (punt) for the bargain basement price of $6.00 US.  That's fine and well.  Trouble is that every sane person in the whole world that considers buying this wonderful piece of work will cancel the sale when they see the price of shipping: $11.00 US or so.  Shipping costs twice as much as the book!  (Well, to South Africa, at least.)  Delightful.  No sane person is going to buy something which costs more to deliver than the thing they are buying.  The message that lulu gives every single potential buyer is that they are not buying a book, but they are buying shipping.  Instead of putting in their payment details, the buyer goes away

In order to actually sell this book, I desparately need to have the shipping cost subsidised in the displayed price of the book.  To avoid this, currently the only tool I have available is to increase the price to be more than the shipping.

I would like to have the display price be $12.00 US, and the shipping costs be $5.00 so that I can make my astronomical $1.52 per copy.  I know that shipping in North America is cheaper (fewer armed gangs combing the post offices for valuables), so in that case a fake "shipping discount" should apply ("your order qualifies for a shipping discount of $3.00 US" or whatever the case us). 

Bonus points will be awarded for implementing this scheme automatically based on the buyer's IP address (GeoIP).  (You could do that without blinking).


Status: Filed

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