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I have 5 books with Lulu. The problem I have been having is being able to have book signings at retail bookstores, both chain and independent. I thought that being listed with Ingram these stores would be able to order my books ahead of time and have them available during my book signing. These stores have told me that they can NOT order them for store deliver, only home delivery. Could you PLEASE set things up so that these stores can get a discount and order them for store delivery so that I can have book signing. Brick and mortar retail book stores will NOT allow me to bring in my books for these signing. These books MUST be ordered and delivered by and to these book store retailers. Your help would be of greathelp to me.

Thank you,


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Hello STSCWJ - Thank you for your recommendation.

Brick and Mortar stores demand a 55% discount and returnability - i.e. the ability to return unsold copies of books to the publisher. As a print-on-demand company, Lulu has no facility to receive or process returned books. Many of our authors do indeed order copies of their books for book signings, I have not heard of an author being rejected for this reason. In most cases, independent bookstores will accept the books on consignment, but with that said, I am not intimately familiar with the business practices of all bookstores.


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