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Fix the wire binding on standard calendars

Status: Filed
by on ‎07-22-2012 01:39

It appears the wire-o binding on the standard calendars is installed backwards, thus allowing the pages to slip out of the binding when the calendar is picked up or hanging on the wall. This seems to be either a persistent or recurring problem, as evidenced by similar reports earlier this year and as far back as two years ago:

It also appears that the spine is in the wrong place between the January image and calendar page instead of between the front and back cover as on all other wire-o bound calendars I have seen (printed at misc. places in the US and in Germany). That means the spine is visible instead of hidden when the calendar is hanging on the wall. Lulu's binding does not seem to follow industry standards compared to other calendar printing services.

I took a few pictures to illustrate the problem:


Notice the spine being visible in January. This is the only month that the calendar will actually hold when hanging on the wall. Once you flip it over to February...


...the open end of the wire-o binding ends up on top, thus allowing the page to slip out of the binding and the rest of the calendar to fall to the floor. This is not practical for an item designed to be hung on a wall.

Comparing to other calendars I have in the house, the problem seems to be a simple reversion of the wire-o binding. On all the other calendars I have, it is installed backwards compared to Lulu's with the spine between front and back cover rather than between the January pages. E.g. when flipping the calendar open to the January page and hanging it backwards (covers facing to you), the binding looks exactly like Lulu's, but the way the calendar is usually hung up on the wall the spine won't be visible and consistently will hold the calendar up as pages are flipped over throughout the year. To get the same stability on the wall from the Lulu binding, you'd have to hang the calendar upside down and flip through the year backwards.

Please fix this and/or have some quality control to assure that the wire-o binding is installed according to industry standards on calendars before they are shipped out.

Status: Filed
Hi AnnKat - if you have not done so already, this would be better reported to the Support Team. That way we an follow up with the printer and replace your defective product. Once you create the case, you will receive a confirmation email instructing you to upload photos of the defect. Our team will then contact you if they need additional information.
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Calendar- multiple binding options

Status: Filed
by rawethe on ‎07-20-2012 11:39

Calendars should be available with multiple binding options. I am looking to create a calendar to send to a friend in prison, and they do not allow the wire spiral binding. It has been very difficult to find options to create a personalized calendar with saddle stitching. 

Status: Filed
Hi Rawethe - Thank you for submitting your recommendation. In order to provide a low cost / high quality product that can be individually produced by printers around the world, we must offer a limited number of formats for each print-on-demand package. We are happy you were able to find an alternative in order to create something special. Thank you for choosing for your project.

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