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Amazon/ISBN additional book formats

Status: Filed
by Legume on ‎12-02-2011 03:54

Until last month Lulu customers have been able to reach their customers through Amazon using Lulu connection with MarketREACH distribution service that allowed non-ISBN books to be sold. As of last month Amazon is no longer accepting non-ISBN books so we now have only ExtendedREACH and GlobalREACH both of which provide ISBN support but restrict the accepted book formats. I have published three books through Lulu that are available on Amazon now and want to get a fourth out there but now can not. The book format is Landscape 9x7, coil bound, full color and neither ExtendedREACH nor GlobalREACH support that. Since I have had these books available through Amazon before and their only issue now is ISBN, I would encourage Lulu to seek ways to ISBN additional book formats and reopen this "road to Amazon" for Lulu customers.

Status: Filed
Hi Legume, thanks for your suggestion. Our advice to you would be to continue to use Lulu to print your books (and sell on and create a direct relationship with Amazon for distribution through their Marketplace. If you could reformat to use a binding type other than coil, and a more standard trim size than landscape 9X7, we can get your work on Amazon for free using Extended Reach. Thanks for using Lulu!

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