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Improve search and spotlight interaction

Status: Filed
by on ‎11-02-2011 04:46

Someone else already suggested that the search should have advanced search features, but I have another. Right now author spotlights are really hard to get to. The search on Lulu's main page doesn't allow searching by products (that is restricted to the buy button, which makes it too hard for random visitors to find.


Also, the option to search by author isn't revealed until after you have the result view, it should be in the pulldown menu (or the suggested advanced search).


Finally, clicking an author's name in the search results will redirect you to results by that author, when I would expect it to take me to their storefront/spotlight. To get there you have to select a title and click the visit author spotlight option on the product page. That is too many clicks, so I hope you will improve this, Lulu Staff



Stijn Hommes

Status: Filed
Hi Stijn, thanks for your suggestion. We may look into improving our search functionality in the future. Thanks for using Lulu!

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