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Mechanical reqs for book cover

Status: New Idea!
by Pombriant on ‎05-25-2012 08:37

You need to make it easier to get the mechanical requirements for book covers.  Currently I have to submit the book PDF before I can get to the cover step but it would save me a lot of time, if I could give the mechanical requirements to my designer while I am finishing up editing.  I know the number of pages matter but even before you get to such considerations you need to have a design and that takes additional time.  Generally the site is good and has a lot of information but it is not accessible enough.

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by Community Moderator Community Moderator on ‎11-20-2012 08:49

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So hard to find any way to easily connect with your team in order to provide new content (not just ideas, but full content) that can be an offering that connects better with churches and retirement organizations.

If you're interested, please contact us.

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Offer more then 20% short discount

Status: New Idea!
by on ‎11-28-2013 04:49

Instead of gimmicks like FREE Globalreach distribution (which if Createspace is the example of what can go wrong with this eventually going wrong for us here at Lulu as is now becoming evident with Waterstones, etc, listing disappearing) Lulu should abandon the 20% "short discount" and offer a discount that is more appealing to brick-n-mortar bookstores and making it more likely that they'll stock our books. Better discount, better bookstore availability/stocking, equals more sales--Which is better for us AND Lulu.

The 20% short discount is becoming an anchor around the necks of POD publishers when it comes to bookstore appeal of our books. I recently from The Treasure Trove Children's Bookstore which is going to stock my book "Chevalier", but the co-owner had this to say about the pitfalls they incur in stocking the book:

We also finally received the book which I love - although the cliff hanger really does leave us hanging! Smiley Happy It's different and fills a gap in the age range for comic strip type novels, unfortunately at the moment it isn't very readily available to us - the UK suppliers have it on their lists, but with an unspecified delay, and it is not listed on the US supplier. It is also relatively expensive in our market - we would have to sell it at 16euros and do not have any margin on it at all. Will this change in the future when the sequel comes out or do you not have any say in the pricing?

Have a good week
Brusselsesteenweg 7, 3080 Tervuren
+32 2767 74 76


It made me wonder two things: Is this "unspecified delay" being caused by the new FREE Globalreach distribution in some way AND what can be done to make the discounts more appealing for bookstores willing to stock a Lulu published book.

If you don't know. "Chevalier" is a full color, illustrated children's book. And with the high cost of color publishing here at Lulu it was WAY OVER PRICED at $16.00 the moment I approved it. Jane at The Treasure Trove saying that she has to sell it at 16euros means that she has to sell an already over priced book at $16 for $5.00 over the cover price in order to make a profit from the sale of the book. Meaning they have to sell an already over priced $16 book for $21 and change.

If the choice is between not making a profit on a book and having to sell a book at WAY above the cover price in order to make a profit from it almost ensuring that the book won't sell is it any wonder that bookstores don't stock POD books with a 20% short discount.

The fix seems relatively easy--Abandon the 20% short discount and offer a discount closer to what bookstores get now so that it benefits them more then it does now to stock/sell our books. We'll be stocked in more bookstores, which means we'll sell more books, and everyone will earn more money--INCLUDING LULU!

Seems a no-brainer to me. And it's not some "gimmick".




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Here's a bit of advice, Lulu...

Status: Filed
by on ‎10-19-2009 05:29
I am so frustrated with Lulu's tech support department! This is the stupidest thing ever. I used the "send an email" thing for problems with the website, and got one of those immediate automated emails that say "we'll get to you asap," you know, like you always get from tech support. I was waiting and waiting (for five days now) for someone to get back with me, and finally opened that email to see what the estimated wait time was...and this is what I see!


Dear Customer,

Thank you for sending a support email to Lulu! One thing that keeps Lulu a free site is that we are truly do-it-yourself: we provide technology tools that empower creators to publish and distribute digital or print versions of their content. We rely on our Help documentation to answer common questions so that we may concentrate on fulfilling the orders in an accurate and timely fashion.

**A bunch of links to things I've already looked at**

We hope the links and help sections contained in this email will answer your question. We are closing this ticket under this assumption, but we encourage you to reply to this email should you still require our direct assistance. We will try to answer your inquiry as quickly and accurately as possible.


When someone sends your support department a question, don't send them a form letter and then CLOSE THEIR TICKET on an ASSUMPTION. When I submit something to tech support or customer service, I expect that the email I get ten seconds later will be an automated form email telling me that someone will get back with me. Therefore, I DO NOT READ IT. That automated email should NOT require a response from ME to "continue" my journey through tech support.
Status: Filed
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Support Escalation Board

Status: Filed
by on ‎03-13-2011 12:10

We had one on the last forum design and I thought that was a good idea for people to hightlight the fact that they were waiting for a response to a query from Lulu experts. If there are plans to re-introduce it or if it's already been done but it's now called something else, apologies.

Status: Filed
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Less packaging option

Status: Filed
by dtorrey on ‎01-16-2011 02:08

I ordered a tiny paperback which was shipped in a huge box -- an environmental disaster!  And a LOT of unecessary cost for you (which you have to pass on to me).  Make shipping tiny books in envelopes the default, and offer the option (for more money) of the big box and 100% guarantee of no-damage packaging.  A truck could have run over my little book with no damage!  Thanks for listening!!

Status: Filed

More pocket book styles

Status: Filed
by on ‎01-09-2011 11:09

I just think that we should make pocket book available in all binding types (or more, if not all).  My novella just looks ridiculous if it is in the next biggest size up.  It almost looks like a kid's picture book.  Just a suggestion.  

Status: Filed
Hi Gigi, thank you for your suggestion! Unfortunately, we're somewhat bound by our printing vendors on this one on what they're capable of printing. However, as we receive enough demand for simple sizes, we always look for ways to expand. Thanks for using Lulu!
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Import List of Events

Status: Considering
by John Crankshaw on ‎09-18-2010 05:51

When initially creating the custom events for a personal family calendar it would be nice if you could import a deliminated file with the dates.

Status: Considering
John, thanks for the suggestion. This is an interesting idea, and one we may consider down the road. Thanks for using Lulu!
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buying books

by Community Moderator Community Moderator on ‎07-19-2012 10:01

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I have a suggestion to improve the presentation of my  book wrapped in cellophane.


Lulu's packaging is like this:

a, book wrapped with cellophane

b. Order slip is inside the cellphane

c. huge cardboard (bigger than the book) is inside the cellophane

d. thin styro (covers the frontpage of my book) is inside the cellophane.


2. I don't like the current packaging of my book by It sucks. Why?


I place it in the store and my book looks ugly on display in a store. 


Here is my suggestion to make my book beautiful on display in a store:

a. the thin styro covers the front of my book, the people can't see the front of my book because it is covered with thin styro.

b. the huge cardboard should be placed outside the cellophaned book. This huge cardboard covers the back of my book that has info about myself and my book.

c. The order slip should be placed outside the cellophaned book. If a buyer buys my book and sees the orderslip inside the cellophaned book, the buyer will be confused. 


I cannot display my cellophaned book with Lulu's current ugly packaging methods.


3. Other book manufacturer's have this packaging method:

a. they place the order slip outside the cellophaned book

b. they don't place cardboard inside the cellophaned book. (the cardboard covers the info at the back of the book)

c. they use bubble plastic and placed it around the cellophaned book for extra protection of the book

d. they use styro peanuts and place it outside the cellophaned book for extra protection of the book





A Writers Forum

Status: We Did It!
by on ‎06-03-2011 11:10

I've seen this idea suggested in various posts throughout the forums, but never suggested . . .

How about beginning a Writers Forum for new and veteran authors (and other members who wish to chime in, of course)?  It'd be an enormous benefit for all members, where they can discuss the craft of writing, as Ron Miller suggested, bounce ideas around, or just wish to chit-chat with likeminded people here.  Make it stable, however.  Hopefully it could be placed in the Active Area where it can be found after we arrive at the Connect page. 

Just a thought.


Status: We Did It!
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The new revenue pages

Status: Filed
by ayesart on ‎01-21-2013 09:18

Lulu's new revenue pages have become quite difficult to navigate. I'd prefer it if Lulu would go back to the old mode of presentation which was much more simple and direct. In addition to this my old page listed my earnings as 201.00 and change. All I am seeing now is 55.00 and change. When I click upon payments, the pages text is super imposed on one another, best way I can describe it is "double typed."

Things that are working good should be left alone.


John Ayes, Author of Juan Ponce de Leon His New and Revised Genealogy.

Status: Filed
Hello Ayesart - Thank you for your feedback on the new revenue pages. Sales and revenue are displayed for a selected date range. You can change the start or end date to see sales for a specific period. The overlapping text is an issue only when viewing the payment page in Internet Explorer version 8. When viewed in IE9, Firefox, or Chrome, the page text displays normally. A bug has been filed for this issue and it will be resolved shortly.
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Lulu has real issues with binding books written in a right to left language. To solve this problem either prompt the author to choose binding orientation or add flexibility in the cover wizard to switch front and back cover wrt binding strip ( to the right or to the left of the strip) in order for the book to be bound correctly. I have a real problem with my book that it is written in Arabic, so adding these features will solve this problem. Thanks and let me know if it is worth the effort.
Status: Filed

Would Like to List Titles

Status: Considering
by on ‎09-29-2011 08:12

The new Author Spotlight shows very few books at a time.

It would be a big help to have a list of all titles of books in the Author Spotlight. The list would always appear at one side of the Author Spotlight. That way, possible buyers will know immediately what is available without having to keep clicking on new pages. My own Author Spotlight has 25 pages, which is too many pages to click through.

If the number of words allowed in the PROFILE section were greatly increased, I could list my titles there.

David Bruce

Status: Considering
Hi David, thanks for the suggestion. Making the Author Spotlight span for authors with a large number of books is an excellent idea, and one we'll certainly consider for the future. Thanks for using Lulu!
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Add Moon Phases for Calendars

Status: Filed
by jpotuchek on ‎12-08-2012 11:27

I know you've heard this suggestion before  (from me and many others) and it is listed as "being considered." I just want to urge you to move it from "considering" to "we've done it" -- ideally before I am making my calendars for 2014.

Status: Filed
Hello jpotucheck - Thank you again for your recommendation. We are looking at ways to improve the Studio product in 2013 to provide additional options for creators.
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Page counters

Status: New Idea!
by on ‎10-14-2014 08:37

It would be nice to have page counters at the bottom of book pages. This way we could see the number of visitors to each book. Might be able to see which books are being looked at the most etc.

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Status: Filed
by blueeagle on ‎08-11-2011 06:00

I am a Newbie.  Need help of Lulu.

I know I am paying peanutes for the service. So I am getting monkeys.

Status: Filed
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