control over "spotlight"

Status: New Idea!
by Bill Jancewicz on ‎02-14-2012 09:49
I still am unsatisfied with Lulu's "Spotlight" web page. I much preferred
the older "Storefront" web page and the possibility to place items more
selectively. I have told Lulu so, in the past, and they said that they might be
considering more customization to the spotlight page. As it stands, the
publications that are presented are not always the most relevant, and, so far, nothing new.


on ‎02-14-2012 09:52

This has been discussed many, many times.

Lulu will change it later this year probably Q3 or Q4. 

by Bill Jancewicz
on ‎02-14-2012 10:07

to: Ken Anderson

Good to know that Lulu is working on it. It just seems to have been a long wait.

by patmat2350
on ‎02-27-2012 10:33


Another detail I'd like to see: How titles themselves are displayed. I have a couple long ones for related volumes... they're truncated in the spotlight, so it's not obvious how the two volumes differ unless you take the time to go into each one.

on ‎02-28-2012 12:40

Would it not be nice if you could do this with the Spotlight >>>    http://www.kevinlomas.net/

by yekuthiel
on ‎03-16-2012 08:48

I agree.  It took me a long time to figure out that Spotlight shows all my books, even the ones under revision.  Why isn't there a button in the My Projects list that says "include in Spotlight" so that I have control over when to do this?  I also discovered--accidentally--that Lulu automatically makes ebook copies of every revision, so we have several incorrect versions out there in cyberspace.  Again, a button saying "Make ebook" would be great!  Another thing I'd like to see is a separate page for print eds and ebooks.  And can't we have a better icon, like a book, for the print edition?  The ebook looks like a washer in a laundromat but they are so similar I didn't realize the difference right away.  And the sorting in the Storefront is silly and confusing.

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