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art portfolio books

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by ouidatouchon on ‎03-14-2012 02:42

I am an artist and would like to have had an easier time publishing my small portfolio book. I spent a lot of time laying it out and polishing it and did not find the site easy to determine what I was getting into as far as price. I went through the 'calculator' process and it came up $14..in the end a 47 page 8.5x8.5 cost 38.24 each...I find it difficult to navigate your site and determine clearly what I am getting into as far as pricing for my publications.

My suggestion is that you emphasize 'art portfolio' category and clearly make it stand alone, without the confusion of cookbook or photo book or poetry book. Then break down the calculations based on that in a way that is easily figured out by the customer before they get deeply into a project...disappointing that my little book will have to retail for $38.50 and I still can't figure out how much is Lulu's and how much is royalty. Seems to me it should be easier for those of us who are tech savvy but just not publishing savvy...thanks

on ‎03-14-2012 04:28

Well, I have to admit I have not noticed that option before. Is it new?

I really have no idea how you arrived at $14 for a 47 page full colour book! Or did you price it as B&W?

But it does stand alone, as a large link at the bottom of the list. Click that and it goes to a dedicated page.


Most preparation is done prior to publishing. Even including a test run through the Project Wizards.

The profit (royalty) is what you add, it's easy to see the cost to add it to.

That type of Wizard is common on many many photographic sites, and people appear to have no trouble with them, even without the help of forums etc.

So really, what you are suggesting already exists and just takes a little time and thought to get the hang of.

by ouidatouchon
on ‎03-15-2012 01:16

Actually Kevin, much as I appreciate your response, you are missing my point about it being too confusing. When I go to the link that you offered on your comment and go to the book price calculator it does not offer 8.5x8.5 and it does not offer perfect binding,,,in any paper choice. So what's an artist to do? I'll look forward to your knowledgeable guidance...Thanks

on ‎03-15-2012 09:41

That is because you are using a very limited Project Wizard.

Try a  'normal' book Project.

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