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Reviewing pagination

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by phillro on ‎08-08-2017 12:49

The only area in which I think Lulu is weak is with pagination. 


I can say this with some confidence: I have published 7 books with Lulu, one of which is in the top 40 for sales.


I wish you gave us a view of the finished file showing facing pages spread.  I have seen photobook printers do this and some of them even simulate the curve of the page with the gutter area shadowed. 


For several of my books, the placement of text and pictures on opposing pages was critical, and for almost all of them I have wanted to check things like swinging titles.  This is a pain to do when reviewing the print-ready file as a "column" of single pages


I have been trying for 4 years or more to get Lulu to make this innovation..  I do not understand why.  The advantages seem so obvious, and there are best-practice examples out there to copy.  In this limited area of functionality, I would recommen that you look at what CEWE Photo Books offer.


Bob Phillips

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