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Publishing in Portuguese

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by JosePalazzo on ‎12-24-2011 03:00

Dear Editors,

Brazil is the 6th economy in the World, Portuguese is the 4th language in Wikipedia, Amazon is publishing in Portuguese. Why not Lulu?

Status: Filed
by Product Manager
on ‎12-24-2011 03:02
Status changed to: Considering
Jose, thank you for your note. You have an excellent point, and expanding to these areas is certainly something we'll consider for the future. Thanks for using Lulu!
on ‎12-25-2011 02:42

To be fair having one of the world's biggest economies and one of the world's most widely spoken languages is not the same thing as having one of the world's biggest publishing industries or one of the world's largest reading public. Portugal has a healthy literary culture but may not be a good business proposition for Lulu. Amazon is different.

by JosePalazzo
‎12-25-2011 03:35 - edited ‎12-25-2011 03:42

Dear Nohoarii,

Unfortunately you lost the point. Portugal has a a historical cultural background but Brazil IS one of the biggest economy in the world. The company that will not take profit of the present development will be a loser. But this is not a forum to political discussion it is a place to suggest and to developped Lulu`s operations. This is my last message on the subject.

Prof. Dr. Palazzo http://palazzo.pro.br

on ‎12-25-2011 10:25

What exactly are you asking for? Viewing Lulu's site in those options? Or publishing in what ever language those countries use? (Portuguese?)

If the former I expect Lulu does not wish to go to such expense.

If the latter, you can. Just create your book in Portuguese.

Many S. American countries also speak English a lot anyway, or even Spanish (which Lulu do have an option for.)

But even Amazon do not have a S. America specific site.

One other thing. Just because a country is rich, does not mean the general population are, There's a lot of poverty in S. America still.

The other think >> the WWW is just that, and I was not aware Lulu was blocked from S. America   :-)

by JosePalazzo
on ‎12-26-2011 05:50

Please be competent: "Just create your book in Portuguese" before answering read the documentation for publishing e-books at lulu; the rules indicate that only books in English or Franch may be published as e-books!

on ‎12-26-2011 06:15
My morning newspaper reports Brazil overtaking the UK as the 6th largest economy. However to return to your original point in my opinion it's not only a Lulu rule that currently requires the content of eBook EPUBs to be in the English language.
on ‎12-26-2011 12:05


No one mentioned Ebooks before you. You can publish a book in Portugese if you wish.

on ‎12-26-2011 07:03

Please be competent: "Just create your book in Portuguese" before answering read the documentation for publishing e-books at lulu; the rules indicate that only books in English or Franch may be published as e-books!

You did not mention ebooks ... however, my statement still stands. You can publish a PDF, wich is not the same as a 'Lulu' epub.

by tenguereche
on ‎04-08-2012 10:57

I arrive late to this thread but JosePalazzo has a good point here. Offering Lulu's site in Portuguese (and providing eBooks) will open Lulu.com to a public of 236 million speakers all around the world, not only in Brazil and Portugal but also in Africa (9 countries in total). That is no small market. Portuguese language has a strong literary tradition and produces lots of content publishable as books and eBooks.

How can this be overlooked? I have an answer: most people in the US and Europe believe that Brazil speaks Spanish! As such, it is usually thought that by offering a service in Spanish you are reaching all of Mexico, Central America and South America... ignoring that half of the population of South America is actually Brazilian and speaks Portuguese, not Spanish. That is almost 200 million people.

And no, not many people in South American countries speak English. Try going to the street in Peru, Argentina, or Brazil and ask for an address in English....

There is currently no POD option in Portuguese that can be compared in quality and price to Lulu. This is a golden oportunity for Lulu to expand.

on ‎05-22-2014 04:15
Status changed to: New Idea!
Although we made the effort to move into the Portuguese market, we were unable to procure a print partner who could fulfill print on demand orders. We will continue to explore the possibilities in the future.

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