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Promotion without a budget - distribute protected copies to reviewers

Status: New Idea!
by drlucky on ‎03-02-2012 05:17

How about the lulu.com web engineers devise a way for us authors to be able to distribute ADE protected copies of our Epubs to outside sources?  Or allow us to send out "digital invitations" that would allow selected recipients to log in and get a copy of our Epub for free?

Promotion of the new books would be significantly easier if we could send "Oprah's Book Club" or the "NY Times" a protected digital copy for them to review and then blog about.  I can't afford to pre-print and send out hard copies of my books; that's why I agreed to Lulu.com's POD service to begin with.

Obviously nobody wants unprotected copies of their works floating around.  This would be more-or-less free promotion.  The more the word gets out about a book, the more purchases are made, the more books Lulu.com sells.  This should be a win-win for Lulu.com and Lulu's authors.

At present, there is no way to accomplish this.  Lulu.com web engineers: What do you say?

on ‎03-02-2012 08:43

Yes, all that sounds great, but I think you asking far too much on what is basically a free site that already does a lot for nothing.

Lulu do offer marketing services at vast cost, though, because that kind of stuff is costly (click the Services tab). But for free? I doubt it.

This is a Self-publishing site do not forget and that includes self-marketing.

Example >>>   http://www.kevinlomas.net/

All my emails also include an advert for my site, and so do all of my books, printed and ebooks.


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