Newsprint and/or recycled paper options

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by nadapublishing on ‎09-03-2011 07:22

I would love to be able to print small runs of mass market (pocket book) sized books on cheap newsprint paper. I need to get the per-unit cost down and the bright-white of the current paper, while nice for some projects, really kills the mood of some of the genre titles we're trying to put out. Pretty please?

-NaDA Publishing

Status: Filed
on ‎09-03-2011 07:37

I would think that the paper used in the Paperbacks you can create here is already as cheap as it gets! You can already almost see through it! And who is to say it is not already re-cycled? It could simply be bleached.

I like it white to be honest. The off-white seen in some paperbacks, looks, well, cheap and old!

I feel sure that newsprint is not as cheap as you think it is anyway. It is 'optical' paper nowadays so it can be thin but not see-through at all. It is also made in 10 ton rolls made to run through machines so fast you can hardly see it, without breaking or the ink smudging. Oh, and little of it is made from re-cycled paper.

Actually, the pages account for a tiny proportion of the cost of a BOD book. Around 0.05p or something each. It's the covers that are costly.

by Product Manager
on ‎12-22-2011 02:33
Status changed to: Filed
by unknownmemoirs
on ‎12-26-2011 09:55

I like the idea of selling a 300 page paperback under 8usd; because they sell like hotcakes.

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