Lulu in Portuguese

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by joao_pimentel on ‎03-15-2012 07:04

Good day

Portuguese language is the sixth/seventh most spoken language in the world, with around 190 million speakers

On the other hand, when it concerns Internet users by language, Portuguese is on the top 5

Please kindly add Portuguese language, if feasible, on the lulu international option website.

Thank you so very much

Kind regards


on ‎03-15-2012 02:12

Looking at that list, what about Mandarin with a total of 1025 million? Or the other 3 languages mentioned above Portuguese that Lulu also do not support?

In the second list you are missing the point that 56% of world sites support English.

I get your point, and it as been asked for before, but if you look at both those lists the figures drop drastically from the top 4 downwards. In fact on the last list, they drop drastically from the number one spot! Number 2 is just 6.5%!

English was once said to be the language of the world with French second (both as second languages) but I assume that was before anyone counted the people in China!

on ‎03-31-2012 05:19

Dear João Pimentel

Would you agree to translate? It is not easy for american English speaking people to write in portugese. I propsed to fix the german spelling mistakes and to replace wrong words. They are considering it (at least).

So I think, best would be to contact Andy Trus and propose him to help translating at least the customer side (the web shop) of Lulu.

by tenguereche
on ‎04-08-2012 02:29

Translating the webshop would be a low-cost, big step towards a larger exposition of Lulu books in the Portuguese world.

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