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Have a way to contact someone who has written an article here at Lulu

Status: New Idea!
by Beth Daniels on ‎08-11-2017 06:22

In the latest edition to the Marketing Toolbox (Part two) Paul@LULU apparently hadn't edited it well for there were grammar errors. I simply wanted to bring it to his attention without putting it in the comments section as it seemed something best not to draw attention to. An email to Paul@Lulu.com bounced back as undeliverable. Here was the message I wished to pass along in a more private manner:


Don't know if anyone else has noted this but every time you used "its" in the current "episode" it wasn't referring to a possessive but should have been a contraction - it is = it's. Also found spots where a hyphen was needed. Just felt you'd want to know. Doesn't look well for a publishing firm to have glaring Oops spots in the text.
I'd appreciate it if you'd simply pass this along to him.
Customer Beth Daniels

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