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Back Covers for Calendars! Yet again...

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by evank on ‎08-26-2017 03:26

I know this is not a new idea because it's been floated several times around here. How about letting us actually put something on the back cover of our calendars?


This has been posted SO many times before. Sometimes a moderator pays lip service, claiming the team will consider implementing this great and sensible idea. Other times the post echoes in the electronic void. I don't know which to expect in this instance, but based on years of similar posts I suspect nothing of use will come out of my two-penny ante. It's incredibly disappointing, because generally speaking so many things are done so well around here, yet Team Lulu just can't seem to be bothered to do anything about this seemingly trivial deal-breaker.


To add insult to injury, Lulu itself recognizes that supplying a back cover calendar preview IS AN IMPORTANT ASSET!!! "You may have noticed that thumbnail images of the monthly pictures decorate the back cover of a calendar sold in a bookstore. Many customers like to see all the images in a calendar before purchasing it. We suggest uploading a PDF or a single image file containing small versions of all your calendar images."

-- Source: http://connect.lulu.com/t5/Previews/Why-should-I-provide-a-preview-of-my-work/ta-p/33310



In the vain hope of provoking a constructive discussion, does anybody (preferably at Lulu) have an actual, non-pandering, non-boilerplate explanation as to why this seemingly simple feature cannot ever seem to be implemented? Quit insulting our collective intelligence. Either do something about it or supply a real reason as to why you can't.


Thank you.


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(Lulu response: "This is a great idea. This has been requested before, but its certainly something we'll consider in the future. Thanks for using Lulu.")



(Lulu response: a "sensible idea and something we'll consider in the future")













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