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New Fantasy Book Available

by TLatuszek on ‎05-25-2017 07:29 (28 Views)

How does a thief become a hero?


GORP: Goblin Janitor

by LordJR ‎05-23-2017 07:40 - edited ‎05-23-2017 12:30 (40 Views)

Ths is my first fantasy novel and a lifetime bucket list item checked off. 


Gorp: Goblin Janitor


The Taste of Broken

by LucyT on ‎05-17-2017 12:00 (65 Views)

Imagine going to bed tonight, not knowing the moment you close your eyes will be the last time you feel whole and healthy- ever again.




Hurry If You Want To Take Advantage Of These Great Stories!!!!



This story entitled, The Cat Who Thought It Was A Dog, is about a cat who is rescued as a young kitten by a family of dogs and is raised to believe and act as a dog. Not knowing otherwise, he can't understand why others look at him funny and treat him badly. His adopted family raises Thomas with all of the love and affection they have and help him to not only overcome his differences but the group's dislike of him because as in there words he didn't belong.





The Fulton Files is a short detective story about a rash of murders that take place in a community and about the detective who fights to bring an unknown murderer to justice. It is an epic fight between good and evil and Detective Mickey Fulton uses all of his resources to end the killings before his community is destroyed by fear.






Admissions of the Heart is a novel about a young boy who receives a diary as part of his Christmas gifts. In this book he records his thoughts, adventures, and events that take place in his life from when he was a young boy and up until he eventually dies of old age. When it is eventually found and read by his family they learn things about him they never knew. His secrets, desires, passions, accomplishments are all revealed as seen through his eyes.

This book has two messages. Simplicity and DO IT!


Combining a powerful meditation exercise taken from the practices of one of the most famous Victorian Secret Societies, blended with hypnotic symbolism & energy healing. Not only will the techniques in this book energise and bring peace to your day, they are also a great tool for personal change, finding your purpose and shaping life toward it.


Personal & Spiritual Development made effective and simple


Astrological justice 10

by Rd797620001 ‎05-10-2017 03:37 - edited ‎05-24-2017 01:20 (49 Views)

Do you like astrological justice?


Children's Imagination Theatre


Could be a once in a lifetime collection, don't miss out!




The first story in this collection is one called Dorian's Journey. It is a story that sadly takes place far to often in a society that demands people keep up the fast paced lifestyle. Dorian's parents were both working hard and struggling to get ahead and further their lives, putting all of their efforts into living the good life. There fast paced lifestyle left them with little time for the special time that a young child craves. This is when Dorian's life would change for he was to meet Happy the Clown, who would show Dorian and several other kids that living out there dreams was possible. But despite having all of the fun they thought was imaginable all of the kids, including Dorian, would discover there truly is no place like home.


The second story in this collection is one called The Visitor. It tells of a little boy who fights a losing battle against cancer. With his mother and father by his side at all times possible, Lenard fights to live and his only complaint to his parents is he is tired of hurting and being sick. He longs to be able to run and play like other children but knows that it isn't possible. As time passes his parents are given the word their son will die at any moment. But it is at this time that John shows up and forms a special bond with Lenard, helping the little boy to overcome his fear of death and when Lenard finally dies, John takes him on his incredible journey to heaven.


The third story in the collection is one called My Best Friend. It deals with a young man as he goes through the pain of having to relocate from one school to another as his family moves. His new school is nothing like he is used to and friends are hard to come by. The school is crowded and moves at a fast pace. As Clayton struggles to find his way from one class to another, he is pushed down and as he lies on the ground he fears being trampled until rescued by an unlikely hero. Over time the two boys form a special friendship and discover things about each other they never knew. They both learn that strength comes in many forms, including strength of heart and character.



The fourth story in the collection is called Ms. Kitty and Me. It tells the story of a lonely man who wishes to find that special someone to share life with. Leading a boring life by admission, he is about to give up all hope of finding someone special until preparing to leave for work one day and finds a stray dog waiting for him. Not knowing what to make of the dog, eventually Harry decides to take her into his home and the two are inseparable from that moment on until death claims Ms. Kitty some fifteen years later. As his heart breaks upon his best friends death, Harry is about to lose hope until an unexpected arrival takes place.



The fifth story in the collection is called... I Need, I Want. This story deals with a younger boy who gets pushed around by bullies in school and since he lacks great strength and size he becomes an easy target. In his mind with no alternative he keeps the problem to himself and allows his anger and frustration to grow until he finally takes it out on the only source he can, his parents. Punished for his ill temper by his confused parents, Peter Spencer goes to bed with the frustration of his life overwhelming him. As his sleep is troubled, Peter is easily awakened by the sound of a strange voice calling his name. Standing by his bedside is a kind woman who calms Peter down and makes him feel safe. Peter realizes he is no longer in his own bedroom as he is in a room with several other children. The children all soon discover they are in a special place where they will no longer have to worry about bullies. There only care is to have fun and relax and have more fun. Peter makes many friends which is something he didn't have before now. Eventually each child must return to their true life, hopefully with the knowledge of how to avoid trouble in any form, including bullies. Peter learns that if being pushed around by bullies it is a loss for them as they deny themselves the friendship of a great kid like himself.      








Online bookstore

by Rd797620001 ‎05-08-2017 03:13 - edited ‎05-24-2017 01:24 (72 Views)

Interested in finding a good read?


A talented troupe of street performers ply the towns and kingdoms of an alternate Middle Ages, secretly fighting the Red King who, with his disarmingly handsome son, the Red Prince, are plotting world conquest. The troupe's showmaster is one of The Thirteen, a band of mentalist leaders charged with subduing the Red Monarchy and fulfilling a centuries-old prophesy of a worldwide golden age.


Key to that achievement is finding six hidden women, daughters of the Red Prince, each unknowing their true parentage and kinship. They, when found and brought together, are foretold to manifest a heretofore unknown power to bring about the downfall of their grandfather, the Red King.


If The Thirteen succeed in uniting the six half-sisters, will their power be focused or uncontrollable? And is the Red Prince secretly plotting to use it for his own ends? Unbeknownst to all is a second secret organization, a rival to The Thirteen, whose machinations are both cunning and visceral. Neither group knows the Red King has a secret weapon he is about to unleash on the world. Will it make him unstoppable?


Amid this tumult, a beautiful but diabolical princess in a kingdom threatened by the Red King, plots her own rise to world domination. She will colluded, cajole, seduce and kill on her quest to become the world's monarch, a Queen of Murder.


Queen of Murder by Neal Enrick is the first of the Sundered Muse book series.




Tensions with North Korea

by Precept on ‎04-30-2017 12:50 (45 Views)

The world is presently on tenterhooks, wondering where the simmering tensions between North Korea and the USA will take us.


No Ghost

by X13 on ‎04-28-2017 06:39 (42 Views)

Good Day Lulu,



I am proud to announce the recent publishing of my first full-length novel, No Ghost.


No Ghost is a psychological horror novel which follows the journey of an unnamed man as he abandons his established life in society and acts on internal resentment against human civilization and beliefs.


NG alternates between third and first person perspectives. This combination is utilized specifically to immerse the reader in the protagonist’s perspective.


Among the many themes touched upon in NG include death, identity, humanity, misanthropy, society, superficiality, nihilism, murder, mass murder, suicide, violence, torture, depression, social alienation, family, friendship, isolation, human value, ethics, morality, religion, fetishism, sexuality, commonality, social inequality, forgiveness, familial estrangement, social expectations, nostalgia, recovery, reintegration, moral insecurity, bullying, human sanctity of life, transformation, annihilation.


The purpose of NG is to establish a narrative depicting nihilistic aspects of life through a human. It compares the differences between human-established inherency and the neutral natural existence outside created morality and ethics. Each chapter addresses an aspect of life and strips it of conventional beliefs fostered for them in light of their comparison to the natural world. More importantly, rather than only elaborating postulations, NG  presents a narrative depiction of a man’s self-initiated journey away from society to embrace his destructive nature. The man understands what is before him, yet despite abhorring being a human, still holds human qualities throughout his transformation.


If you foster an interest in psychological horror/transgressive fiction, No Ghost is for you.




Thank you for your time.



-Saldivar Shammah

A great and comical look at Space Travel

by storyteller123 on ‎04-19-2017 10:14 (88 Views)

A very comical look on space flight and the future of humanity. 


Great Reading. Very interesting!

by storyteller123 on ‎04-14-2017 10:55 (74 Views)

Attention! Urgent! Readers Wanted




This first story is a special one called The Salvage Yard. Its meant to be an animated type of story and takes place in a huge junkyard called Crater Bay. The night watchman/ junkyard attendant is an old man named Homer Lankford. Not the friendliest of people, he spends most of his time alone for he has no known family and few friends. But his life would soon take a bizarre change as the cars he guards at the junkyard at night come to life. Homer at first believes he is losing his mind and suffering from severe loneliness but as time goes by Homer discovers these junk cars all take on personalities of their own when they come to life at night. Being unable to move doesn't stop the cars from communicating with each other and together with Homer, the junk cars keep each other company until they finally get the inevitable red tag which means death to a junk car as it has lived out its usefulness and must go to the crusher. Can Homer save his four wheeled friends from certain death. 




This second story is a follow up to the original and is called The Salvage Yard 2. In this story many of the original characters return, including Homer the junkman and he makes new friends while having to say good bye to others. Homer does everything he can to save his four wheeled friends from the crusher and when he fails to reason with a heartless boss he takes matters into his own hands and gets some measure of revenge for his friends. After matters are settled, Homer comes back to work at the junkyard only to witness a transformation take place that is more glorious and breathtaking than he could ever have imagined.





The third story in this collection is called The Accidental Hero Series. It actually consist of two stories and tells of a man who tires of hearing about crime in his neighborhood and decided to take it upon himself to do something about it. Lacking in great size or strength and not boasting great intelligence, he makes the decision to imitate other heralded crime fighters and takes to the streets but with near fatal results. Get ready world, here comes Mustard Man. His real name is Clem Dickens. Later he meets a girl and they fall in love and when she becomes aware of his crime fighting persona she joins up with him and they become the latest crime fighting duo, Mustard Man and Powder Puff.





The fourth story in this collection is called Reunion. It deals of the tragedy of a family torn apart by their differences and the one that seems to suffer the most is the child. As years pass the child comes back into his fathers life but can love overcome a lifetime of resentment and can he possibly bring his family back together.





The fifth story in this collection is called The Disappearance of Jamie. It deals with a heartbroken little boy whose only wish is to gain the love and attention his parents are to busy to give him. Like many adults Jamie's parents are busy trying to get ahead in there world and trying to earn as much money as possible. Jamie cries himself to sleep one lonely night and as he lies in bed he wishes he could go some place where he would be lavished with attention and spoiled by kindness. When his parents go to check on Jamie they find he is missing and now it becomes a race against time to find their son before its to late.

Fingers and Sunshine: Sic Itur Ad Astra

by FSUN on ‎04-07-2017 05:11 (101 Views)

cover by ken.jpg

We walked en masse to Dunn Meadow through the freshly fallen eight inches of snow to where we had all met before the shanties had all been burned over the last few months. We built a huge snowman, and he turned out to be Black! Yes, we had built him on the ashes of Shantytown, the student protest of IU's investments in the Apartheid regime of South Africa.

http://www.lulu.com/shop/david-mckibben/fingers-and-sunshine-sic-itur-ad-astra/ebook/product-2312572... Fred and Dave hit the road for Dave's first taste of following the Dead just a few weeks later in March 1987, and miraculously survived three months on the road, leaving Fred's car in Newport Rhode Island, and Dave's car in Mill Valley, Californina.


The Dance of Death by Hans Holbein

by johnsnape on ‎04-06-2017 04:12 (62 Views)


Hans Holbein's Dance of Death redefined the death emblem books, offering a framework for artists afterwards to emulate (and they did!). There are forty-one plates in the original 1538 edition, all reproduced here at 4.5" by 6" in size, and including the original title in English, the German text accompanying each image, as well as a Latin verse. These are followed by the original Dance of Death Alphabet, an initial caps set.


All the images in this book have been scanned from the original 1538 edition and digitally cleaned up for reproduction.


This is one of many world-famous books from centuries ago that Devoted Friends of God is working on bringing into the 21st century, by scanning and digitally cleaning up for a new generation to enjoy!

Daddy Who's that Man? See the first Easter through the eyes of a child.

by ‎04-05-2017 10:36 - edited ‎04-05-2017 10:41 (95 Views)








Just in time for Easter!  Daddy Who's that Man? A children's Easter story.


Linux Mint 17 Super Editon - Abandon Microsoft today

by bash64 ‎04-04-2017 11:16 - edited ‎04-04-2017 11:20 (55 Views)



I write self help ebooks for those wanting to migrate from being a Windows user to becoming a full fledged Linux user.

This book is a journal of my complete and full conversion to using Linux Mint 17 exclusively over a period of one year. Fully illustrated with 193 chapters. Written from the perspective of a Windows user gone cold turkey this book intends to answer all of the common questions you would have after migrating to Linux. Everything from handling hard drives, installing the OS, updates, installing the best video driver, elevating privileges, and how to install software. Plus matters of comfort like Watching TV, Netflix, Shockwave Flash, and video editing. Advanced issues like viewing hardware, checking for bad blocks, and full and fast drive encryption and secure deletion. There is something for everyone in this book. Many of the procedures in this book are pure gems. Some took as long as 6 months to develop. Many of them you will never find anywhere else. Here in lies one year of pure pain, now you go enjoy a painless migration to Linux. Sincerely, Roger





My first poetry collection, A Vague Sense of Unease, is now available for purchase! This collection mixes together Americana, existentialism, relationships, nostalgia, and more to create over 80 pages of orignial, contemporary poems.



by on ‎03-21-2017 10:56 (222 Views)

Are you interested in what happened in Auschwitz during World War 2? Well for £1.86 you can get my A4 size book full of photos and an account of my visit to this notorious DEATH CAMP. Hitler killed over a million people in Auschwitz-Birkenau, over 90% 0f them Jews. I am taking no revenue for my book . Let us never forget the horrors of this evil period.





end times

by kmccaw on ‎03-15-2017 04:37 (120 Views)

Ever wonder what Jesus would say about modern events like sanctuary cites,war,or other controversial issues?Then his book is for you.


A Company of Heroes

by ‎03-14-2017 05:06 - edited ‎03-14-2017 05:07 (85 Views)

bronwyn and sword.jpgShe is beautiful, lithe and swift: as deadly as the blade flashing in her deft grip. The blood of kings runs strong in her veins---but her weakling brother wears the crown. She is Bronwyn. And her name strikes fear in the hearts of the depraved courtiers feasting like jackals on the corpse of her father’s kingdom. Her brother may rule the
 land, but a ruthless maniac is the puppet master behind the throne. And he has put a price on the head of the fugitive princess, who alone knows the secret to his power. To save her kingdom, Bronwyn must enlist a rebel force of gypsies and giants, peasants and pirates, mountebanks and changeling spies...


The Iron Tempest

by ‎03-13-2017 03:15 - edited ‎03-14-2017 02:52 (72 Views)

Jirel of Joiry 2t.jpgIt's the eighth century Europe

of Charlemagne...

and of myths, monsters and magic.

The Iron Tempest is the story of one of Charlemagne's most formidable paladins, Bradamant: a fabulous woman knight who must face almost insurmountable odds in her quest for a love forbidden by her emperor, her family and her god...


The Simple Things

by hazelet on ‎03-13-2017 08:16 (69 Views)

hhh.pngthey are 5 of them , JUST 5 YOU NEED and those very

5 will make you more than a simple being , for behind all



Bitch , Whats up ?!

by hazelet on ‎03-13-2017 07:57 (76 Views)





Bitch , whats up ?!






by ‎03-11-2017 11:13 - edited ‎03-21-2017 10:03 (112 Views)

v gun 11 t.jpgBagdad-on-the-Hudson. The Big Apple. The City That Never Sleeps. And who knows best what keeps the criminal awake? Is it thoughts of Greed? Violence? Lust? NO! It is the knowledge that there exists a selfless crusader in the cause of justice, a nemesis of evil, a valkyrie of vengeance! VELDA: GIRL DETECTIVE!



A Short Course In Scrying By Katherine McGowan

by kmcgowan on ‎03-10-2017 01:35 (66 Views)



The Easiest, Simplest, most effective way of summoning spirits to visible appearance using a Dark Mirror (or "Speculum"). Most seers prefer to use a black mirror. Because this is difficult to buy you may have to make one. The Book teaches you how to. The use of black mirrors may be traced back over the centuries. John Dee used a black mirror of obsidian. With little time and practise you will be able to see scried images like still photographs or moving film images. Spirits may sometimes look at the scryer, talk to the scryer or even touch the scryer.

Winner, 2010 EPIC Ebook Award for fiction in the Mainstream category.


"Breathtakingly gorgeous writing … a multi-layered tale of such depth, breadth and insight that it was very nearly a spiritual experience…" --from a review by T. T. Thomas on Amazon.com


"…reminds me of Le Guin, of Cecelia Holland, and something of Rosemary Sutcliff… It made me feel as I did when I was a child reading authors like those… Once again I was in a magical place…" --from a review by Charles Ferguson on Amazon.com


"…there’s no ring of power or glowing sword of specialness; the magic, like the tone of the book, is quiet. It feels real." --from a blog review on livejournal


When she was a child, the author of When Women Were Warriors happily identified with all the male heroes she read about in stories that began, "Once upon a time, a young man went out to seek his fortune." But she would have been delighted to discover even one story like that with a female protagonist. Since she never did find the story she was looking for all those years ago, she decided to write it.


In Book I of the trilogy, Tamras arrives in Merin’s house to begin her apprenticeship as a warrior, but her small stature causes many, including Tamras herself, to doubt that she will ever become a competent swordswoman. To make matters worse, the Lady Merin assigns her the position of companion, little more than a personal servant, to a woman who came to Merin’s house, seemingly out of nowhere, the previous winter, and this stranger wants nothing to do with Tamras.


"…Both men and women of all persuasions seem to love these books... Very rare. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!" --from a review by T. T. Thomas on Amazon.com


"Think Beowulf--only comprehensible and with girls." --from a review on the blog, The Rainbow Reader, by Baxter Clare Trautman, author of The River Within

Ventures and Investments By RoughDraftHero

by lgbtbooks ‎03-10-2017 11:25 - edited ‎03-10-2017 11:46 (668 Views)

20527415.jpgJustin Plank is a pathetic gutter rat. In the past, he made the mistake of crossing Tony Torroda, one of the most powerful talent agents in LA. Now, at the brink of failure, he must turn to Tony for help... the last thing he would ever want to do.

Fairy Metal Thunder (Songs of Magic, Book 1)

by lgbtbooks ‎03-10-2017 11:18 - edited ‎03-10-2017 11:23 (382 Views)

12707703._UY475_SS475_.jpgA rock & roll fairy tale. Jason plays guitar in a teenage garage band called the Assorted Zebras, but they have no fans, no gigs, and they're going nowhere. Even worse, Jason has a crush on their lead singer, but she doesn't seem interested in him at all. Then Jason steals instruments from the fairy world. Soon the band is enchanting crowds, and Jason is a step closer to the girl he likes, but the new gear is brimming with destructive magic they can't control. Their shortcut to success has cost a troupe of innocent fairies their livelihood and turned Jason and his band into enemies of the powerful Queen Mab, who sends hunters to track them down, including one of the most dangerous creatures in Faerie...a small unicorn named Buttercake.

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