Dyson's Delves - Old School RPG Maps and Adventures!

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Dyson's Delves is available in hard and softcover for your old school fantasy adventure games.

Delves-coverDyson’s Delves is a 6″ x 9″ 149 page book of adventures and maps for your old school game. Five full adventures from the site begin the book, followed by 44 dungeon maps each with a lined page opposite it for the owner to stock and key the maps or just to write notes about the dungeon for his or her own game.

The design is based on classic toolbox products such as Fifty Starbases by Judges Guild. Each map in the second portion of the book is presented on it’s own page opposite a lined page that you use to indicate where the dungeon in question is, what it is known as on your campaign map, as well as what is important about it in your games. You can photocopy the maps for your own use, but I honestly recommend writing directly into the book. There is really nothing quite like the feel of pulling down a nice hardcover book of dungeons for your sandbox campaign instead of referring to a collection of printouts and notes.

Erdea Manor


Both editions contain reformatted versions of the classic mini-mega dungeon “Dyson’s Delve”, as well as four other dungeons from the pages of the blog – “The Charmed Grotto”, “Ruins of the Gorgon”, “The Worm’s Gullet” and “Erdea Manor”, followed by 44 unkeyed maps.

Cinder Throne



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