How do I revise my published book?

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To revise to your published book:

  1. Click My Projects
  2. In your Project List, click the title of the project you want to revise.
  3. Click the Create New Revision button at the top of the page to make changes to your project.
    • To Revise a Proof Copy: Click the Approve/Deny Book button and then the Create Revision button.
  4. The title, interior files, cover, information, etc. can all be modified. Work your way through the Publishing Wizard and click Save & Finish to complete the revision and republish the project. 
  5. Order and review a single copy of the revised project before ordering multiple copies or making the project available to consumers. Even the smallest changes to your files can alter the way a book will print.

Things to consider when revising your work

  • Sales rankings are associated with the product number assigned to your work. When you revise either your book's content or meta data (title, author, description, category, etc.) a new product number is assigned to differentiate it from the previous version. Therefore, rankings associated with the previous version will be lost when you publish a revision.
  • Reviews for previous versions can be accessed on your book's product page by clicking the Find Reviews for Previous Versions link located below the book description.
  • Ratings for your book are not retained when a new version is published.
  • Changes to books with an ISBN are controlled by ISBN rules. If you create a new version of a published book with an ISBN, we automatically reassign the ISBN and its information to the new version. For more information, please see: If I edit a previously published book, do I need a new ISBN?

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