How to 'Set Your Project Price'

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What are you doing in this step?

In this step you will set the price of your book by entering the sale price you want the book to have. Your book's price is the total of the manufacturing cost (dependent on the number of pages and the options you choose), your creator revenue (the amount you get each time someone buys a copy), and Lulu's commission (20% of your revenue). If you're going to sell your book on online bookstores your price will also include a retail markup.


A discount can be added or edited in this step as well. This discount only applies to your projects sold on the Lulu Marketplace and not sales on other distribution outlets.


The discount will decrease the 'Net Profit' of the sale of each book, which will decrease the Lulu commission and your Revenue. The discounted price cannot be lower than the 'Base Price'.


    1. Enter the price you would like and your revenue will display to the right. If you have chosen to have your book available to other stores, you will also see a retail price display to the right of the Lulu revenue.

    2. Click 'Details' to see a breakdown of how the price is calculated.

Adding a discount

    1. Click the 'Set Discount' or Edit Discount' button to add or edit your book's List Price on the Lulu Marketplace.

    2. Select a discount percent in the 'Discount' selector box and the Discounted Price' and 'Your Revenue' fields will update with the discounted price. Once you are happy with the price click the 'Set Discount' button.

    3. Your new Revenue amount will display along with the details. If there is an issue with your discount percentage, a message will display with options to fix the discount.

Click Review Project to go to the next step.

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