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newbie needs help

I've downloaded the page formatter and I am unable to use it since I do not have the correct program for it. Is there another way for me to format my pages without using microsoft office?

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Re: newbie needs help

Hello newbie,

I was a newbie last year too.

If you have Open Office, the program 'Writer' looks and works like Word.

I have used Microsoft Publisher and Photoshop to format my pages.

If I use publisher, because I illustrate as well. I (Save As) a picture 300dpi Jpg. and the bind them altogether with Adobe Acrobat pro 7 into a PDF format before uploading to

The main thing is to format your page size to match Lulu's template measurement and guidelines for margins and trim.

All the best, Newbie, be prepared to need help amd everyone of our leading Lulu top authors have always helped me learn from my mistakes.


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Re: newbie needs help

To a newbie from a fairly newbieSmiley Happy

I'm with you, Eliza. I too have Open Office and I find I can copy and paste my text from it, onto the Lulu template with no problems.


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Re: newbie needs help

i'm using open office too. Congrats Eliza!! beautiful book! what i'm looking for on here is a simple 1 2 3 step explanation on what i need to do to publish. i have found a post that listed all the steps (i think it was 1-10).. im sure i'm making it harder than it actually seems. :-) so nervous that im going to miss doing something

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Re: newbie needs help

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Lilke most things you are new to, it IS hard, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes easy.
Lulu is full of help pages and even videos. But the best place to start looking at is your own My Lulu.

But look at these first >>>

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