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Interior Page Templates for 9x7

I'm trying to make an image-based book in a program other than Word or InDesign (I don't have them) - probably will convert photoshop or illustrator images into a PDF. I saw the cover dimensions that LuLu allows us to download so everything fits properly and was hoping there would be some measurements for interior pages of our books.

Many other publishing sites I have looked at offer this, but I prefer to use LuLu and don't want to switch over.

I am using a 9x7 landscape formation with bleed... so I guess 9.25x7.25 but I was wondering what else I should take into account (trim area, safety margins, live area, gutter, etc.) The margins that I found in Word are these but I'm not sure if they're the correct measurements for printing: paper=9x7, top=.75", bottom=.75", binding size=1", opposite binding=.75", gutter=.35", header and footer distance from edge=.35"

Does anyone know of a file or information that is similar to the downloadable cover files for interior pages? I really hope this makes sense...

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Re: Interior Page Templates for 9x7



Here are some links that may interest you:


Margin info:


For more information, you can browse here:


I hope this helps!

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Re: Interior Page Templates for 9x7

Thank you for posting these links to our Learn section! You rock!
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