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Crown Quattro Margins in MS Word

I was going to have my book laid out in InDesign, but not sure I can make my deadline with this third party person. So I need to do it myself in Word. I am pretty good with it, so it shouldn't be a problem.

I want to use the Crown Quattro size with spiral binding for this fitness book. There will be lots of photos of women demonstrating the movements. I understand photos should be converted to B&W and 300 dpi before going into the layout.

My biggest question though is about the interior layout. Does anyone know what the margin settings should be for this project or how I calculate them? Any other information you think would be helpful please advise.

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Re: Crown Quattro Margins in MS Word

For crown quarto you can size at 1" or .7", depends how spacious you would like your book.

You do not need to convert images to black and white. You can simply choose a black and white book or print PDF in  black and white.

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