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Facebook Ads

i would lie to market spiritual books through facebook ads if they work. Does anyone have any first hand experience of the effectiveness of facebook ads? They can be quite expensive...


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Re: Facebook Ads

Yes, I've been looking into that too. I have a £25 promo voucher to use, but the Facebook ads page isnt that informative. They use terminology that is very confusing to the layman. It's probably in the vocabulary of anyone working in advertising, but when it talks about paying for 'impressions' or 'clicks' well I am lost. It talks about placing a bid per 'click'. Why is it a 'bid' ?

So yes DodoPublishing, I hope we get some information on this.

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Re: Facebook Ads

A quick rundown on Facebook ads.


You can target Facebook ads to a very precise audience.

For example, if your book is aimed at adult women interested in romance novels living in English speaking countries, you can target:

Age: 18+

Language: English

Interested in: Men/Women/Both

Likes: Mills and Boon, Jackie Collins, Meg Cabot [continue with associated authors]

Further, if you're selling an ebook you can target:

Likes: Kindle, E-books

Paying for your adverts:

Facebook has two methods of charging for adverts.

You can either:

Pay for each 1,000 impressions (the CPM method)

Each "impression" is a showing of your ad on a page, regardless of whether the person seeing that ad actually clicks on it or not.


Pay per "click"

A "click" is when someone actually "clicks" on your advert to visit your webpage.

Which is best for you?

To sell a physical product, it's probably better to choose the "Per click" option, because that way you'll only be charged for the number of people who actually click on your advert, as opposed to being charged for all the ones who see your ad but don't click. 

Will it get me sales?

Your conversion rate will depend upon the effectiveness of the webpage you send your visitors to when they click. Having a strong "call to action" will help (for example using a "buy now" button)

Be aware that you won't sell to every person who clicks on your ad, so you'll have to factor in the cost of your advertising in your overall profit margin

What's a "bid"?

Advertising slots are auctioned off to the highest bidder. The more you are prepared to pay for a click, the more likely your advert is to get a prominent position in the user's sidebar. 

The amount you'll have to 'bid' per click will vary depending upon how many advertisers are after your target audience and how deep their pockets are. 

Facebook will suggest a bid range when you create your advert and select your targeting options.


Things to remember:

  • Set your daily budget at a realistic level - Your ads will continue to run until your budget is exhausted. If your budget is too low, you won't get many clicks. If it's too high, the cost of the advertising will eat up all of your profits
  • Make your advertising copy count. You only have a few words, make sure they're enticing
  • Use an effective picture that will look good in a small format. If your picture is crap, nobody will click
  • Test different ads to see which one gets the most clicks


The biggest caveat?

Many Facebook users block ads altogether using browser plugins, or simply "fade them out" psychologically.

Like Google Adwords, it can be an expensive exercise if not done right, so make your advert really stand out!



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Re: Facebook Ads

I have taken them up on their advertising coupon. They send me daily reports. It is as professionally done as Google ads from what I have seen so far.

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Re: Facebook Ads

Scamdetectives outlines the FB ads pretty well. I've used them with some success. As was pointed out, it depneds on how well you target and what people see when they click on your ad, how appealing the page is when they are redirected to it.

The link below is from an art and photography site where there has been a forum topic going on for  a couple of years regarding the use of FB and FB ads. You may be able to pick up some tips. the discussion of ads starts on page 5 or 6 as I recall and there is some very valuable info posted. 


Although this topic is art and photo related, the basic ideas for ads can be applied to anything that you are selling.

Good luck

Dan Perez


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Re: Facebook Ads

I was looking in to them and was put off when it asked me how much I could afford, not actual scale rates. I wonder how effective they are though. Do you actually ever click any of the adverts? I don't.

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Re: Facebook Ads

I used facebook ads to market one of my books and it was a total waste of money and time. I targeted it to a select group and when I clicked to see where my ad actually was being placed on the site it was on the right hand side of a video that fb was marketing to people that wanted to get an ad.


Not worth the 200 bucks I lost in one months time.

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Re: Facebook Ads

The page with the video is only a demo page, which shows only what the ad looks like, not where it will have appeared on the site.
Placement will have been different for every user.
I'm sorry to hear you lost money but Facebook ads don't work for everyone.
Trial and error is part of the marketing game I'm afraid.
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Re: Facebook Ads

Facebook does get a bad reputation for tracking peoples' habits ad hoc and allowing advertisers to target people via browsing habits and interests. It can be amusing to type random words in to text boxes and watch the adverts change.

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Re: Facebook Ads

I ran two adds each for 30 days.  The first time I noticed a few sales.  The second, I had no response at all.

G. A. Colin

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