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Copies to British Library etc?

I have always been told that the British Library and various other libraries have to have a copy of every book published in the UK.

How do Lulu books fit in with this, I have never seen mention of it.

Do Lulu send a copy? Or should we do so?


Logically it seems it would be the latter to me, but I have never seen anything telling me to do so, and would have thought a reminder would come up at the end of the publishing process here if we had to.

Any ideas?

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Re: Copies to British Library etc?

From what I can gather, when you publish through Lulu, it is effectively published in the USA and not the UK.

In any case, you will need to contact the Library if you want them to purchase a copy or give them a copy.

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Re: Copies to British Library etc?

DRichardson wrote:

 Do Lulu send a copy? Or should we do so?


Logically it seems it would be the latter to me,

You are correct, you are the publisher and it is your responsibility to send a copy at your expense to the British Library.

Legal Deposit Libraries Act 2003, 'publisher' is to be understood as anyone who issues or distributes publications to the public. Items published in the United Kingdom and in Ireland are liable for deposit, as are items originally published elsewhere but distributed in the United Kingdom and in Ireland. The requirement for deposit remains, irrespective of the place of publication or printing, the nature and size of the imprint, or the extent of its distribution.

If you don't send a copy then the Library can contact you to request one. (plus extra copies) at your expense

But I have my own UK ISBN and they have not contacted me after 2 years and if you have a free Lulu US ISBN or no ISBN I think it very unlikely you will hear from them.

However you may feel important that your book is kept in perpetuity for future generations to be able to access.

Details here:


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Re: Copies to British Library etc?

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Having read your response to the question of sending the British Library a copy of your book I followed the lead and noted that according to them it is YOUR LEGAL responsibility to send them at least one copy of any book you publish or sell within the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Whilst they may not have requested one from you it does not mean that you are not liable or that you do not need to ensure they receive a copy. The onus is on you not them. Any book published as above should be sent one month after that publication date. It's worth double checking whether or not you do need to comply with the UK rules regardless of whether you are a UK resident or not. The rules appear to apply to printed works although there are one or two exceptions. At the moment there do not seem to be any fixed rules relating to ebooks but this may change.

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