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A verse with apologies to Joyce Kilmer

Now even Joyce Kilmer would assure you and me
We will indeed see a poem lovely as a tree

For launches today
A site on which poetry is on display

It is Lulu Poetry and for poets there will be
Contests to enter, money to win - never a fee

Poets can connect with others and in poetry immerse
And realize success by publishing their verse was the name
Of a company no more - Lulu simply bought the domain

It's being completely re-hauled and built anew
To bring the high quality associated with Lulu

A place for poets to create, meet and share
With widgets and resources it's all right there

Need a glossary, some techniques or a word that rhymes?
It's all at Lulu Poetry - it won't cost you a dime

"It's great for all poets," said Bob Young, Lulu CEO
"If you want to be discovered - this is the place to go!"

"With ratings and reviews - it's a platform for their work
And at Lulu they can publish - it's really quite a perk!"

Although launching now, changes will continue to come
As Lulu adds more offerings - this site will be plum.

With the power of - weRead too
Poets can find success and audiences true.

Now we've come to the end of our press release rhyme
Need more information? Contact us anytime!

"Announcing: LULU POETRY!
Dear Poet,

We are pleased to bring you a new poetry site: Lulu Poetry, Lulu Poetry is about winning prizes and recognition for your poems, creating and selling beautiful books of your poetry, and learning tips and tricks from other enthusiastic poets just like you.

Whether you write poems for your own enjoyment or to entertain and educate others, Lulu Poetry is for you. We'll be handing out prizes to poems selected as winners by the hundreds and thousands of poets who are part of the poetry community. When you win we'll send you a certificate for you to print and hang on your wall to remind everyone of your accomplishment - along with a cash prize.

So whether you are quietly writing poems in the northern woods, or are part of a English class studying and learning poetry, you can use Lulu to compile your works for your audience. You may want to sell your poetry to the world, or just create a poetry book as a class fundraiser for the parents of your students. Lulu makes publishing your poetry easy and inexpensive.

Keep in mind this is only version 1.0 of Lulu Poetry. We will be adding great new features and improvements weekly to better serve Poets and lovers of Poetry everywhere, so bookmark* and visit often!


Bob Young
Founder & CEO,

*, an award winning Internet company, recently purchased the URL "" from the previous failed business that owned it."

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Re: Launches Lulu Poetry

Hi LuLu people,  I love the introductory poem.  It is warm and friendly, kind of makes you want to hang around for awhile.

One thing, when I log in to the site, you say there are contest and I have poems I would love to submit but dont't know where to find the place to do so.  I am hoping you will take me by the hand and show me where to log in to do this.  I much appreciate your kindness and am looking forward to many happy hours with you folk.  Thanks so much.

Elizabeth Wesley    P. S. When I was a kid, I was called Lulu.

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Re: Launches Lulu Poetry

Hello Carol and Bob, I have come to feel safe and secure dealing with all folk on Lulu. I am puzzled by this announcement.
I sent a Poem into because they said they were holding a poetry competition to help poets get recognition The site proved itself to be a cover for merchandise sales of framed prints of 'your poem', and an anthology beautifully bound, containing 'your poem' ; just perfect for your coffee table, all at exorbitant prices. Oh yes, this was an exclusive offer because the 'judges' have promoted my entry to the final 50!
Is this the same operation for this current site, under
Or is this a special branch of, specially for publishing poetry books, with the competition as a general interest for the site users, without the hard-sell content?

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Re: Launches Lulu Poetry

It looks a very old thread - 2009.

Smiley Sad 

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Re: Launches Lulu Poetry

Thanks for noticing my inquiry, Ken. it was the new post by El5sabeth that caught my attention,
cheer Eliza

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