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Earn more on eBooks - 90% Revenue

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90% Revenue on eBooks – Earn More Now!

As an author on Lulu, you get to set your own price for your works beyond the manufacturing cost and you keep 80 percent of any revenue made. In an industry where most companies work off a 70/30 split or more, we take pride in being a publishing solution built entirely towards author success and freedom. We firmly believe that everyone has ideas and expertise and should be able to share their knowledge with the world and, more importantly, profit from that knowledge.

eBooks provide even more opportunities to reach readers and sell more books on devices like the iPad and Barnes & Noble’s NOOK. With our new EPUB Converter, creating an eBook is easier than ever too. We know some of you are still on the fence though, so we’re sweetening the deal even more.

We slashed our industry-best 80/20 revenue split in September 2011 so you can earn more than anywhere else.  All new eBooks published receive a 90/10 revenue split indefinitely! This makes the most profitable place for a creator to publish an eBook.

You pick the price. You keep the profit. Just like it should be. Now you really can sit back and watch the money roll in.


Q: Does my eBook qualify for the 90% share of royalty?

A: If you’ve published a brand new eBook project after after September 6, 2011 it does. Be sure your eBook is priced at $1.24 or higher (Suggested Retail Price) to qualify.

Q: What is a new Publication?

A: New publications are defined as a new project in your “My Lulu” account with a new ISBN. This also applies to any conversion of an existing print title into and eBook.

Q: How long will this offer last?

A: There is no end to this offer, the 90/10 revenue split is permanent!

Q: How do I make my paperback book into an eBook?

A: We have provided you with step-by-step directions to convert your existing DOC, DOCX, RTF, and ODF document into an EPUB here or you can take advantage of one of our handy conversion services.

Q: What is the Suggested Retail Price?

A: The Suggested Retail Price is the price at which you want to sell your eBook. You set the price. We provide you with some guidelines but the decision is yours. All eBooks set at a price of $1.24 or higher earn royalty; you keep 90% of all amounts earned, after retailer commission.

Q: Can I sell my book anywhere and still get the 90% or is it for sales on Lulu only?

A: When you publish your title with Lulu, any newly published eBook qualifies to earn 90% royalty regardless of where it sells. You can choose to distribute your eBook through one of our distribution services or sell it only on If you choose to make your eBook available for distribution, you will receive 90% of the Suggested Retail Price after the retailer’s commission.

Q: Can’t I just sell my eBook on the Lulu Marketplace?

A: Of course! All your sales on Lulu earn you even more since we cut out the middleman. You can change the price of your eBook or choose to sell through one of our retail partners at anytime.

Q: Why does my book have to be priced higher than $1.24 to qualify for the 90% royalty?

A: At Lulu, you’re in control of your works and can even give away your eBook for free if you want. For authors who want to sell and collect Creator Revenues on eBooks, we’ve added a $0.99 base price to cover our credit card processing and hosting expenses. Applying Digital Rights Management (DRM) is optional and adds an additional $0.25 to the base price to offset the licensing fees Lulu is charged by our DRM provider. To reiterate, authors never pay to publish, these fees are reflected in the list price and are only charged to the purchaser when they buy your work.

Q: What is “retailer’s commission?”

A: If you choose to make your eBook available in the iBookstore ℠, on Barnes& Noble’s NOOK, or other retailers, the retailer earns a commission on the sale of each eBook. The commission varies by retailer but it is generally 30% of the Suggested Retail Price. Your royalty will be calculated based on the Suggested Retail Price after any retail channel commission.

Q: Do all eBooks qualify for distribution?

A: No, not all eBooks qualify for distribution. Each retail channel has its own set of guidelines for accepting content. To make sure your title qualifies please review the distribution requirements here. You may revise your eBook to meet the guidelines at any time.

Q: May I reuse an existing ISBN?

A: No, your eBook must have a unique ISBN. ISBNs may not be reused as they identify each title and version available for sale. Each version (print, eBook, or edition) must have its own unique ISBN.

Terms and Conditions

All new eBooks with an ISBN published after September 06, 2011 will earn 90% of the Suggested Retail Price, after retailer’s commission, if any. Your eBook must meet the following requirements:

  • Your eBook must be a new publication. It may be a revision of a previously published eBook or printed title.
  • Your eBook must have an ISBN
  • Your eBook must be priced in higher than $1.24
  • Your eBook must meet all distribution guidelines, if you choose to make eBook available for distribution.

Lulu and retail channels may reject titles for distribution for any reason.

For authors who want to sell and collect Creator Revenues on eBooks, pricing must include $0.99 base price to cover our credit card processing and hosting expenses. Applying DRM is optional but highly recommended, and adds an additional $.25 to the base price to offset the licensing fees Lulu is charged by our DRM provider.


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