Which Products are Eligible for Retail Distribution?

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Lulu's globalREACH service makes your book available on Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and other online retail sites for free. This service also creates a listing for your book with the Ingram Book Company, which allows brick and mortar bookstores to purchase your book.


IMPORTANT: Your book must be assigned an ISBN to qualify for GlobalREACH distribution.


Our Premium Paperback and Professional Hardcover product lines include book formats that qualify for retail distribution. These book are designated by green check (tick) marks and the text Eligible for retail distribution.


Your book must meet ALL distribution requirements



  • Must have an ISBN. You can get a free Lulu-owned ISBN, bring your own or purchase an ISBN via the yourISBN service.
  • Requires a retail markup
  • Must be an eligible book size and binding type (see chart below)
  • For the hardcover dust jacket format, only B&W on cream paper, with gloss jacket, blue linen, and gold spine text qualifies for retail distribution.


What does the globalREACH service include?

Lulu's globalREACH distribution service lists your title with online retailers worldwide such as Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com approximately 6-8 weeks after your book is approved for distribution. Your book data will be sent to major bibliographic databases, including Nielsen and Bowker. Brick and mortar bookstores will be able to order and stock your title at their discretion through Ingram. You will receive retail royalties on all books sold through globalREACH. Sales made through distribution listings will post in your account approximately 6-8 weeks after a customer purchases your book. Payment from these sales will be handled according to the remittance settings in your account.



How do I select globalREACH?

  1. Log into your Lulu.com account.
  2. Click My Projects.
  3. Click the Manage link by the book title that you would like to enter into distribution. If you do not see the link, be sure your book is eligible for globalREACH. (See table above for book formats that are eligible for globalREACH.)
  4. Get globalREACH (it’s free), and agree to the service’s terms and conditions. You will need to purchase your proof copy in a separate cart after opting in globalREACH distribution.


After you select globalREACH distribution:

  1. Take care to ensure that your book meets all Mandatory Requirements for Distribution. Create a revision of your book if necessary. Purchase a proof copy of the most recent version of the book. If you make any revisions, a new proof must be purchased and approved before the book will be submitted for distribution.
  2. After receiving and carefully reviewing the book, either:
    1. Approve the book on Lulu. Now go on to Step 4.
    2. Deny the book and make changes. Now go on to Step 3.
  3. Make revisions and upload a new manuscript to your project. See "How do I make changes before approving my book" to learn how to make changes. Approve the book on Lulu, and go to step 4.
  4. After you approve your proof copy in your account, your book will be uploaded to the distribution network and should begin to appear on online retail sites in 6-8 weeks. If rejected for not meeting requirements, you will be notified via e-mail during that time that the book must be revised. Go back to Step 1.
  5. The book becomes available for sale on Amazon.com, BN.com and other online retail sites. If you enter the Publishing Wizard to make revisions to your book, the process starts over at step 2 with all the work and time involved. See "How do I make changes after approving my book?"

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