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:?: I am living in Finland and am an individual writer. I have gotten my ITIN in the US already and understand that I should fill and send the form W-8BEN. Am I right? To whom should I send the form at Lulu? Thank you for your answer!
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Re: W-8BEN

You don't have to send it in, but if you don't and you make a sale in the USA and your book has a free Lulu ISBN, your revenue will be taxed (and paid to the US tax man) at 30% for those sales.

If you send the form and you make a sale in the USA and your book has a free Lulu ISBN, then the tax withheld will be reduced to the rate agreed between the USA and Finland if there is a tax treaty between the USA and Finland.

If you decide to send the form, you should mail it to:

Lulu Enterprises, Inc
Attention: Accounting Dept/Royalties
3101 Hillsborough St
Raleigh, NC 27607-5436
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Re: W-8BEN

Hi - I am in UK and have filled out the W 8 form and scanned it so that I could simply email the form to Lulu - but cant find an email address to send it ... can anyone advise me please? thanks for your time, Val
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Re: W-8BEN

A couple of years ago, Apress of Berkeley (CA) published a book of mine.  I am an Australian citizen living in Australia, and the agreement between the USA and Australia sets to 10% the maximum amount to be withheld by a US publisher on behalf of the IRS.  I read somewhere in that only the royalties of copies sold within the US are subject to withholding, but Apress withheld 30% on all my sales.  I went through the process of getting an ITIN from the US Treasury, which cost me more than AU$150 (~US$135).  When Apress received my W-8BEN with the ITIN, they started withholding 5% instead of 10% as set in the agreement.  This tells you that things in this field tend to depart from what you read in the "official" papers.  In any case, I also decided to get back from the US Treasury the excess 20% that Apress had paid to them before receiving my W-8BEN.  To do this, I had to file a tax return in the US.  It was a pain, but I did get a refund from the IRS.  Note that the refund was sent as a cheque and it cost me another $10 to cash it in.  All in all, it still paid for me, but I am not sure that it would pay for most "non-US-resident aliens" who publish with Lulu using a Lulu ISBN.  I believe that if you use your own non-american ISBN, Lulu does NOT withhold US taxes.  Anyhow, if you want to know exactly how I did it, you can have a look at my website, where I explain all the details:

Good luck,   Giulio.

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Re: W-8BEN

Zambon's (This 'n that) US Taxes & Royalties Web URL is now rather than, which doesn't work.

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Re: W-8BEN

Hi Belinda,

I picked up on your msg about the W8... form.

I posted my form to the address you listed about a week ago.


How will I know if they've received it in good order? 


Thank you


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