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Using US Letter template vs. my own


My editor has finished with my book and I have uploaded some files to Lulu. After creating my book sample and looking at it, I realized I need to do some more editing since the headers and footers did not pick up.  So I copied and pasted one of my documents into the US Letter template and now my document is one to two lines off. My original document has one to two less lines per page than what is showing up on the template page. 

Further research has proved that this is due to my original using 1.15 for line spacing versus 1.0 on US Letter template. Also, the header and footer sizes are different.

Other differences are:

Fonts:  Calisto MT 19 for the Chapter headings

           Tahoma 11 for the body

           Calisto MT 14 for the header

Paragraph spacing is 10pt

header/footer position is .5


1.   Can I use these fonts, spacing and positioning successfully? If so, do I need to save everything as a pdf before uploading?

2.   How do I change my footers to match what's being used in the US Letter template without screwing up my whole document? ie. page numbers on opposite sides




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Re: Using US Letter template vs. my own

First do you really need to use a template - what was wrong with the original layout you had?

If things have moved it's probably because you have use line spaces to force new pages when you should use page or section breaks.

You'll have to edit the footers and headers to use the fonts & sizes you want.

You'll be able to use those fonts as long as you create your own PDF before uploading - make sure you embed the fonts first.

If you look at my Author Spotlight (click below) you'll find two tutorials . "Creating Your Book with Microsoft Word" and "Page Numbering in Word" that deals with footers and headers.

If you need further help on anything then look at the services I offer.


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Re: Using US Letter template vs. my own

Thanks Ken for getting back to me.

I didn't think I needed to use a template, but just wanted to make sure since this is my first book.

As I stated before, things moved when I copied and pasted them from my original document into a different format.  Rest assured, my editor used all the proper page and/or section breaks when necessary. She's a fanatic about those things.

I've gone back to using my originals, will edit the headers and footers accordingly, then save them as a PDF file before uploading - as well as embedding the fonts, first.



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