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Newbie on board!


I have just signed up to Lulu after spending a few weeks looking at the plethora of options out there.

I'm drawn to the idea of printing 10 copies for friends and family and then just really seeing what the feedback is like before going the whole hog with ISBN;s etc. Don't worry - I have some very straight talking relatives that would certainly tell me how it is!

Limited funds dictate at the moment so I'm happy to put a reasonable amount into the project without spending a fortune but really wanted to hear if anyone has any pointers on this. I have used the cost calculator wizard but does this take into account a colour cover? Are there any sneaky hidden costs that I should be aware of?

Thanks in advance for any advice,


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Re: Newbie on board!

Lulu is pretty straightforward with their costs. All books have a full-color cover, regardless of whether or not you set the book on black and white or not. So the answer to your question is yes, the color cover is taken into account for the cost calculator, and no, there aren't any sneaky hidden costs.
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Re: Newbie on board!


The Cost Calculators are not a good guide compared to what the actual cost comes out as at the end of a Project Wizard, so most of us ignore those calculators!

All covers are treated as full-colour and charged at that, even if yours is B&W, and are the main cost of the books. You have an option with the pages. B&W or colour, but even if you only want one coloured page, it will charge you for all coloured, at around .50p  a page!

I cannot really say what type/size/shape book you should go for because I do not know what you want to create.

Order 1 for a start because that is the final test to see if it looks as it should in print. If it's OK, then order more, if not, then Revise the Project.

You have no need to make a book to find out what relatives think. Just print off the draft pages for them! Why go to the expense of creating books first?

You do know that apart from the purchase of the actual Proof (and any further books you later buy yourself) Lulu is free to use? That you can even get a free Lulu ISBN and distribution pack? << that will get your book on to at least Amazon.

Note that if you do later add an ISBN, you will have to buy and Approve another 'Proof'.

No big outlay, then, really   Smiley Happy


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Re: Newbie on board!

Thank you very much for your comments.

Very much appreciated!

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