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Is Lulu a scam?

Yes!  I paid $369 for a credit that was never used (credit bought in Nov 2010 & my book is now finished in June and ready for self-publishing), and when I finally got ahold of support after 6-7 tries, they simply dismissed me by saying that credits expire after 30 days and then closed my support ticket, forcing me to start the process over again.  Beware of using Lulu!  If anyone at Lulu wants to make a last ditch effort to help out before I tell everyone I know on my blogs & email lists about Lulu's scam, they can reference ticket # 00582891.

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Re: Is Lulu a scam?

From my own personal experience I would say that 'No' Lulu is not a scam. Having said that, I have no idea what a 'credit' is - explain yourself sir.

I read a lot of moaning about Lulu on here, but lest we forget, they are giving us all an opportunity to publish our stuff - good or bad (90% of it utter tripe I should imagine) most of which wouldn't get within several light-years of a publisher in the big scary wide world.

Errors happen, **bleep**-ups manifest, problems arise and with a bit of patience can be resolved. Life would be dull without mistakes wouldn't it - look at Cheryl don't, bad example.

Onwards then delightful authors, create your muse and bask in the glory of your real-time, actual, shiny book. Relax......oh and read the small print every time. Right on.



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Re: Is Lulu a scam?

30 days for a credit in any business seems more than reasonable.

Cheryl who? :smileysurprised: 

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Re: Is Lulu a scam?

No Lulu is not a scam. I really like this organisation. If there is a mistake it is usually our fault. Remember they are giving us an icredible opportunity to publish our books. There are few as good as LULU. Please bear that in mind when you condemn this great company!

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Re: Is Lulu a scam?

Not a scam. Opened tons of doors for me. I am grateful.

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Re: Is Lulu a scam?

I am as grateful as you.
Lulu it's not a scam, it's a great oportunity for your dreams to come true.
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Re: Is Lulu a scam?

I spent months on my work of love.  I know it is not going to change the world, but I have had a good review, and Lulu has meant that at least some people will read my work, as opposed to me spending 6 months working on it only to have no one read it at all after many many rejections :smileyhappy:

Also, as no one knows your book sales, it will mean invitations to speak at events, be interviewed etc, so if your book is related to your projects or interests, yes it is really great to say you have published a book.

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Re: Is Lulu a scam?

Lulu is definitely not a scam ! I have had nothing but great support from everyone involved here on the forums, i have never had to contact support as any books ordered arrive on time,in perfect condition and on the odd occasion Whisper it, i recieved 1 or 2 more than i ordered.
Keep up the good work all at Lulu, from one very happy, now published Scottish author
Ron Windward
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Re: Is Lulu a scam?

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No, Lulu is not a scam. It provides an opportunity to publish which was simply not available before. A scam is when you check and find that your bank account has been emptied. Lulu is a choice and the finished products by and large are very good for the cost. That said, I do not consider the customer service is up to scratch and that is the major area that could and should be improved. We rely too much on helpful people on the forums. In summary, not a scam, but a very useful tool.

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Re: Is Lulu a scam?


Our records show you purchased the Primer package. We provided a terms and conditions link you agreed to before purchasing. It required you to start the service within 30 days. We do allow customers to ask for a refund within those 30 days if you are not ready to start.

You can see a copy of the terms and conditions here:

We did also send reminder emails after the service was purchased.

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